Native Instruments new brand identity



  • Sunborn
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    Too simplistic. Even an amateur teenager can do such work. ...the very least you could use some more "exotic" font. Logo looks like a brand who sell refrigerators or washing machines... 😋

  • Stevan
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    Surprised to see this logo passed and finished on the website.

    Looking forward to seeing new controllers though. Those are always tasteful!

  • RedwardMc
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    AI is the buzzword, gotta be a cutting edge AI company now. Do music customers actually want AI tools? If the point is to make music why do you want AI to do it for you?

  • Mutis
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    New controller...s?

    X1mk3 or something in that "line"?

    I will be very surprised but since software is still lagging maybe a bad timing too.

  • ozon
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    The abundance of typographic atrocities were already mentioned by many. Thus, it looks very unprofessional with a 90s low budget sci-fi movie vibe.

  • RedwardMc
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    I don’t believe a professional designed that logo.

    It’s funny it’s called “brand identity” when there’s really no identity there. Just a generic 90s font.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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  • Nightingale
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    I will explain my point of view below in English

    Native Instruments一直是我心中最棒的品牌,无论是Logo的设计,还是字体的选择,以及硬件的界面无不渗透着设计师的美学标准。有棱有角,方方正正,是我对NI设备情有独钟的原因之一。甚至Novation的Launchkey与SL MK3均有类似风格的设计,充分说明NI设计的优越与前瞻性。


    首先识别度变差,很难一眼认出这是Native Instruments,然后Kontakt的字样更是丑的令人发指,我打开官网页面时甚至以为我的浏览器出Bug了。这是彻头彻尾的失败设计,让一个世界顶级MI品牌像一个笑话,这就是儿戏!



    经典NI的Logo完全可以做成扁平化,正如NATIVE ACCESS 2的图标

    Native Instruments has always been the best brand in my heart. Whether it is the logo design, the choice of fonts, or the interface of the hardware, the designer's aesthetic standards are all permeated. Angular, square, is one of the reasons I have a soft spot for NI equipment. Even Novation's Launchkey and SL MK3 have similar designs, which fully demonstrates the superiority and forward-looking design of NI.

    But now what is this? New logo, new font, are you serious? April Fool's Day is over!

    First of all, the recognition is poor, it is difficult to recognize that this is Native Instruments at a glance, and then the wording of Kontakt is even more ugly. When I opened the official website, I even thought that my browser had a bug. This is a completely failed design, making a world's top MI brand look like a joke, this is child's play!

    I think the official should ask users for their opinions before making a hasty move to replace the Logo. After doing a good job of research, they will replace it. Now at least a lot of Chinese users feel at a loss. They think that the classic NI logo is what everyone knows. N.I.

    If the official can give an explanation, or release a special video to introduce the design ideas, design concepts, or design intentions, it is barely acceptable. Again, this new logo makes me sick.

    The classic NI Logo can be completely flattened, just like the ICON of NATIVE ACCESS 2

  • Mutis
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    New logo for new target. Old forum for old target.


  • D-One
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    First of all, the recognition is poor, it is difficult to recognize that this is Native Instruments at a glance

    Yeah. Personally, I didn't have any passion for the previous one, I actually think it needed an update but now the "NI" looks like a million other logos, generic logos can never be instantly recognized, especially ones that are text-only... That's the main downside to me, losing the odd old shape around the NI and not replacing it with anything, and also removing the blue color in favor of vanilla white/black.

    Think about 3 strips, from a distance you know it's Addidas, Nike is just a checkmark and won't ever be confused with anything else, a red interface is always from Focusrite, and so on... To me, this is what makes brands have an identity visually.

  • omariwalker
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    I like the N to the Ith degree thing that you got going on. The R stands out a lot and not in a good way. I like the way the K stands out in your other products though. I do like the new branding on the other products so it is good overall. I look forward to seeing it on my new gear soon.

    P.S. Merch?

  • Ed M
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    I will be missing that iconic NI logo for sure. At first glance the new logo did not give me a "wow" effect, but it doesn't bother me that much. Things change over times, that's just the way it is. I'm still loving the NI products regardless of the brand logo.

  • BIF
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    "Does this mean that a brand identity project was going on and that the release of new hardware had to wait for the new brand identity to come out so they could print the right logo and use the right fonts on the new devices?"

    Yes, probably. The other clue is the "$200 off" sale currently going on.

    Why doesn't this forum allow me to remove quoted text? I only wanted to answer this person's FIRST question. But the quote function only allows me to delete the entire quote. THAT needs to be fixed.

  • BIF
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    LOL, well you asked for opinions! You HAD to know that there might be a demon or two amongst us! Like me...I now think that's not an "R". I think it's just a male "P" standing in for "R" who was at the peace march!

  • BIF
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    That particular R is actually the rare male P. There are very few of those in the world, and nobody makes pants that fit them. That's why you rarely see them out in public.


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