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Hi, I am curious as to how Traktor actually associates the analytical data (BPM, Key) to the track file itself.

Because for e.g if i were to transfer the audio files (once akreeady analysed by traktor) to another laptop and then open them on traktor, they would be already analysed so I am assuming that this data (BPM, Key) is somewhat associated/ bound to the original file itself, how? I am not sure, and would be interested in knowing.

However, this is not the case with the rating of the track which is unfortunate! I got to know this because I had rated loads of my tracks in Traktor, then I had moved the original location of those tracks to a new folder on my laptop and then when opened this folder via traktor, all the tracks had lost their rating :(

So is the rating associated to the location of the track? How is this data associated to the track ? Would it be possible to have the "Rating Data" have the same properties as the "(BPM, Key) Data" ? This way even if the original File changes location on laptop, the rating will not be erased.

I know this is a technical question but I thought it would be very interesting to enquire and see if a solution would be possible!


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    In essence - there's a custom metadata field Traktor generates, odd-ly named "TRAKTOR4" (on mp3/id3 & flac/vorbis)... there's unfortunately no real info given by NI, despite regular requests to do so in the first 15 or so years of Traktor (then people seemed to have stopped asking...). But, there's a fair bit of user info about (i.e. here for the basics> https://community.mp3tag.de/t/custom-tag-traktor4/46746 , and this a bit more in depth... https://hellricer.github.io/2021/05/05/decoding-traktor4-field.html )

    Rating is a bit tricky, as Traktor, depending on the format, is not very reliable when it comes to ratings (some are displayed, some are not, some are stored in file metadata, some are in Traktor's DBs...)

    My suggestion - do not use Traktor as a metadata editor... use something else. i.e. musicbee, mp3tag, etc. to understand metadata and set it up according to your needs.

    good luck


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    If you set ratings in a diferent software on flac files they will not show up in Traktor. Found out the hard way. I finally caved and now do everything in Traktor how annoying that may be.

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    apple’s metadata options via iTunes/ music is pretty comprehensive for such a pop program. I have a workflow I learned from other Traktor tutorials to work at tagging and metadata via iTunes- data which stays with the track- and then this is accessible via Traktor. Working in iTunes also enables smart playlists which are super helpful for customising how you group your own sounds- and keeps your tunes with you on the go to your iPhone, and also sync to Traktor perfect. However star ratings are weird and seem to only sync to Traktor sometimes. I did see a 3rd party app for this but haven’t followed up on it. Seems like ratings would be an obvious improvement for NI- but this must be known- and so I guess still good reasons why it hasnt happened.

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