No aftertouch?

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Is it true that Maschine doesn't receive aftertouch? Even though they've been selling $1000 Maschine-integrated keyboards with aftertouch for 8 years? This should be an outrage.



  • ozon
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    Yes, indeed, it is rather astonishing,

  • Kymeia
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    Yes it is outrageous

  • RedwardMc
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    Especially considering Komplete Kontrol software has aftertouch, which is a modified version of Maschine software. This is just poor product management.

  • ARF
    ARF Member Posts: 1 Member to NI and this blew my mind....

    I can create a Massive X patch with aftertouch in Komplete Kontrol and then when I try to use it in Machine 2 aftertouch is ignored. I missing something? Why would anyone let this fall through the cracks?

    Has there ever been a reasonable response from NI as to what they are thinking here?

    Will be heading back to Ableton Live I guess....


  • nanotable
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    Yes, it’s mind-boggling. There was a lengthy thread about that on the old forum, but no official explanation why that is, iirc.

    My best guess is that it would expose how rudimentary Maschine‘s automation support is. Can you imagine editing aftertouch recordings within the current framework? 🤡

  • Kymeia
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    Believe me some of us have been going on about this for years, feels like it falls on deaf ears. Frustrating! I would love to be able to use Maschine more because of its integration with my S Series keyboard and capacity to record (which Komplete Kontrol lacks) but given that I am primarily a keyboard based musician and use aftertouch all the time (not to mention MPE) it would be like having to play wearing boxing gloves.

  • Tony Jones
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    Wow, something I hadn't noticed as I'd not tried it. So many manufacturers (even of reasonably dear synths) don't to aftertouch well if at all, yet it's such an obvious requirement!

  • RedwardMc
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    I know they're busy with VST3 updates now, but we need to get on them to finish the development of this system.

    We need a Maschine 3.0 with (1) an updated automation system with editable lanes on the controller including aftertouch. And (2) the ability to record performances into the arranger including mute/solo, perform fx, lock states. And (3) keysplits and pin controllers to different groups/sounds

  • 6xes
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    i dont know why people... just dont find ways around getting the thing they expect native instruments to implement...

    no point in waiting for a train that has taken a detour..

    if maschine doesnt have it implemented in their software... use another software... simple!!

    dont sit & wonder about it LOL... funny people!!

  • D-One
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    It's been quite a while but if I am not mistaken it's due to aftertouch raw data being used for other things, like changing velocity values during note-repeat hold.. I could be wrong tho. This is not really a valid explanation but hey, it is what it is. I doubt this will happen anytime soon considering how long people have been complaining about it, if AT is something you depend on then consider another platform or alternative expression methods like using the mod wheel or a knob.

  • Scoox
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    I expect NI might already be working on a poly AT keyboard at least, now that most major DAWs support it and poly AT keyboards are slowly cropping up, off the top of my head: ASM Hydrasynth, Roli Seaboard, various Novation Launchpad Pro and X, and Waldorf Iridium (which features a Fatar keybed i.e. Fatar now make a poly AT keybed which means any controller vendor who already uses Fatar keybeds could be adding this new poly AT keybed to their next generation of controllers). Novation will probably have plans to release a poly AT flagship too. Honestly I can't think of a better way to get people to upgrade to a new controller than to add poly AT, and I can't imagine anyone who already owns a Komplete Kontrol S61 mk2 buying an mk3 if it doesn't have poly AT, especially if they've had a taste of poly AT before (once you have there's no going back).

  • Kymeia
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    Well they will all be crippled in Maschine, as are most plugin synths, unless NI start listening to users requests for aftertouch support, which go back many years

  • zerocrossing
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    Well here we are, in the future! You were right! Yet... Native Instruments software doesn't support polyphonic aftertouch? What in tarnation? How can the company that's released the best polyphonic aftertouch controller in existence not actually support it yet?

  • reffahcs
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    It is supported. NI is going through the library, just taking awhile. There's actually a tag for it now in Kontakt.

    According to the tags, Fables, Hypha, and Ireland support polyphonic aftertouch.

    I agree though, you would have expected the software department to be tracking the hardware department, so they didn't have to showcase Arturia instruments to demonstrate polyphonic aftertouch.

  • D-One
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    No, inside Maschine there's zero aftertouch support, not even the regular non-poly one. What you said only works if Kontakt is hosted on something that supports it.

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