Komplete Audio 6 mk2 loud buzzing

Mudder leigh
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I sometimes experience a VERY loud buzzing sound while using the device (either recording/mixing or just using it as a sound interface while watching a movie online). This will result in an error from NI, but I forgot the actual error message although it's very generic like "an error has occurred." Just to be clear, this sound isn't like background noise that's always present. This sounds like someone hit the buzzer on a game show, and it's very loud.

The KA6 is connected to two speaker systems: Out 1/2 goes to a Headrush FRFR, and Out 3/4 goes to a pair of Mackie monitors. I am using shielded balanced cables to connect the Headrush, and unbalanced shielded cables to the Mackie (Live Wire Essential). The cables are connected directly to the speakers (no adapters).

The Mackie monitors sit on isolation foam on a glass table. The Headrush is propped up on a guitar stand that I'm using like a speaker stand. The cables connected to that are long, and I have them coiled neatly right below it. The ground button on it is currently pushed in, and the diagram says that it is grounded not lifted (not sure if I used the correct terminology there).

The power source of the laptop I am using and the Mackie's power source are connected to a different multistrip than the Headrush. There are also other cables that are near the Headrush (two guitar cables, a usb cable to connect my guitar interface, and another laptop power source that's just sitting there but not plugged anywhere).

Given all that, could any of those be the cause of the buzzing? I was planning connecting the laptop and Mackie power supplies to the other multistrip (Fuhrman) so that everything is connected there.

Appreciate any useful input :)


  • Psyearth5
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    I read many forums in the past and till this day it is unbelievable always same but it can be put in two categories, first is electricity as you probably know everything about it and you know about solution but today it can be mobile device just near you, sometimes it is neighbors and OS compactibily issue in which different confirmations behave differently and you can remove internal sound chip from the usage in Volume Menu. I was so stubborn so i measure signal that was which interfered and mingled with mine and it was floor above me, now i changed the cables even i didn't move previous at all it's simply happening ( there are lots of factors that are ruining equipment) . Don't work in warm Air because they will do something to Cables , second i changed power plug and adjusted everything to consume less, less devices and separate connections and i have occasionally happening and i tolerate Noise because i know that it could be much worse. I assume that now you can identify problem in your setup environment. I solved many similar problems and helped to my friends but over the Form this is best i can but you probably know and try everything you think and turn OFF phones just to be sure.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Mudder leigh What is your operating system? Can you take a screenshot of the error message next time it happens? What software are you using when it happens?

  • Mudder leigh
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    Hi @Jeremy_NI the buzzing happened again, and I was able to take a picture of the error.

    I have a Komplete Kontrol midi keyboard. I am not well-versed in midi when it comes to routing and channels and all that stuff, but I am pretty sure I do not need that output so I disabled it. I use the keyboard with virtual instruments for recording only. Here's how I currently have it set-up:

    Any issue with my midi settings that is causing the buzzing? My buffer settings at that time were probably at 512 at safe mode. I don't remember clicking the box for safe mode though.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Mudder leigh I contacted you by email regarding your issue. We'll need to have a deeper look in your system.

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