Why can't I use my Traktor Kontrol S8 with TRAKTOR PRO 2 on my new Mac?

karlfranz Member Posts: 1 Member

I had to get a new Mac and when I tried to install my licensed copy of TRAKTOR PRO 2, I noticed that it doesn't even show in Native Access 1 or 2. I can see my license on the NI website. I even tried re-adding the serial number into Native Access and it says it was added successfully, but it still doesn't show.

I saw that there was a public Beta for Traktor 3 so I downloaded that, but it won't let me install it because it says it can't find a previously installed copy of Traktor 3 (which I don't have).

Am I expected to have to buy a new version of Traktor just so I can use the hardware that I've owned for several years? What gives?


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