This is why the Maschine Jam is so useful.... when it comes to midi-mapping

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in this video...

i am using just 5 looped samples, and the main FX-plugin im using is shaperbox2

this is done basically utilising Realearn inside of Reaper, and assigning the shapers to buttons on the JAM..

ShaperBox2 can be used in Maschine-plugin mode to achieve similar results... but when you utilise Reaper+Maschine+ X2 Maschine Jam... you can do some clever routing and manipulation of sound.



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    without taking away the value of Reaper & Realearn in the above video....

    The Maschine Jam controller has 8 pages of 64 buttons on top of 8banks of 8 touch encoders... which allows for alot of mapping.... needless to say how vaulable having two maschine jams at your disposal allows you to map other applications as well...

    as an example:

    i have been mapping Traktor functions on a single page and single touch encoder bank(work in progress) & each of the tracks can be externally routed into shaperbox2(think stems isolation use), in reaper the routing has been setup to, receive incoming audio from Traktor using blackhole64 application!!

    add to this a routing matrix in Reaper allowing me to route any of the 256 looped samples into 1 of 16 shaperbox2 plugin slots.... just simply adds to the versatility of Maschine Jam used in conjunction with Reaper&Realearn

    With Maschine used as a plugin within reaper... has its own separate benefits, multiple instances of maschine running, and individually changing scenes/section/lockstates(via midi-change), with a single page on the Maschine Jam controller...(realearn is the glue which makes controlling some aspects of maschine independantly)

    you can also route the audio of maschine instances directly into 1 of 16 shaperbox2 slots, independant volumes,VU meters etc... like i do with looped samples in the above video

    heres another video just to highlight the 16 shaperbox slots template... audio is basically directed into this template for manipulation...also i demo a useful script made by a Reaper user( lb0 ) which shares midi assignments and changes with focus

    i am using 4 of the maschine Jam touch encoder banks for this script

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    Aspects of the SKS script in the above video... can be tied with some elements in the Maschine plugin... depending on if there is an "Enable" button when plugin is used in host mode,

    the sliders in the video( UI ) are basically the parameters you can access in plugins.. if its in that UI... you can map it... to either realearn or the Lbx SKS script, alternatively you can just move the knobs within the plugin itself if you wanted...

    but again the advantage of having a Maschine Jam is the amount of buttons/touch encoders you have to map when in midi mode

    heres one more video of me utilising the midi-change and shaperbox2 and just demoing how it can be utilised, once you have mapped your maschine Jam controller or any controller for that matter...

    you will also notice the LBX SKS script is tied to the performFX... the host button which once pressed allows you to see the mappable controls in Maschine

    Think outside the BOX!! leverage the power of other Daws to make your experience with maschine & Jam better!!

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    Can you please share the traktor 3pro mapping for maschine jam? That would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    No problem sharing it.... its very incomplete... still needs more mapping to be done,

    the layout is not very intuitive & very confusing at times lol

    make sure you back up your Traktor settings/profiles etc... before importing it

    The mjam ncmj file needs to be loaded using controller editor... Traktor is on Page 4(bluebuttons) and utilises only touch bank H for stems

    way too much typing involved in showing how it works....

    just know these things.. top row(same for bottom row) in order of left to right

    play / modifier -1 / modifier +1 / status of modifier1 DECK A / status of modifier2 DECK B / modifier +1 / modifier -1 / play

    modifiers 5,6,7,8 are control/tune/auto/swing in that order

    (look into the midi mapping to find out what is mapped to what)

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