Mapping Knobs to Instrument Insert FX

acat67 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hello all. I am a new user trying to learn how to design an interactive UI for my beatboxing drum kit. I want three knobs for wet reverb signal, lpf cutoff freq and hpf cutoff freq. I was able to generate them on my display, as well as make my wallpaper fit. This is my complete code atm.

on init




message ("")

declare ui_knob $Wet (0,1000000,1000000)
move_control ($Wet, 1,2)

declare ui_knob $LPF (0,1000000,1000000)
move_control ($LPF, 2,1)

declare ui_knob $HPF (0,1000000,1000000)
move_control ($HPF, 1,3)

end on

Can anyone help me with mapping these knobs to the parameters in the Instrument Insert FX engine?

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