Logic now available for iPad - thoughts?



  • Kubrak
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    They may offer them, now. For Win tablets. Would be good testing platform. Instead of spending money on porting to iPad. And later on maybe finding, it does not work well.

    And beside that, if NI uses Win tablet, they do not have to pay Apple share for placing its SW on Apple Store...

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 421 Pro

    NI is avoiding doing this

    because of this

    and at the same time getting ready they software for AS compatibility which will end into this

    So just wait patiently and work with actual tools meanwhile.

  • nightjar
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    Patience is wearing thin unfortunately... turning point will be this Fall.

    If there are not big signs of rapid improvement by late September, I might jump ship from NI and sell everything.. all software and hardware.

  • LostInFoundation
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    Just to avoid people wasting their money: if you are interested in using NI softwares on a really mobile Windows device, be very careful to take right informations before buying anything. They don’t work on Windows tablets…they work on a very limited selection of devices, which in fact are hybrids with detachable keyboard (I would even say almost only Surface Pro…even on a Surface Go they will struggle (unless you want practically to use only one Maschine Group or play one KK instrument without even recording it in a DAW).

    Make good researches and don’t go buy e.g. a tablet with ARM processor… yes, they run Windows but NI products won’t work

    Even the Windows version matter: be sure is a complete version and not one of the mobile Windows versions, otherwise you won’t be able to install anything.

    So…my suggestion is: if you want this kind of experience, go for Surface Pro (maybe with a Surface Dial): with this setup I have a lot of fun with NI products, but don’t think a 500 or less Windows tablet will become your portable studio

  • Kubrak
    Kubrak Member Posts: 2,064 Expert

    Well, sure. It must be sufficiently powerfull Win tablet. One may rank Surface Pro as 2in1, one may rank it as tablet. It is sold without keyboard and pen... So, it is tablet. If one adds keyboard and/or pen.... It is up to choice. Pen is good and keyboard adds sort of protection to display if carried....

    I have Surface 7 Pro (i5 CPU) and one may do basic tasks. It may be better than M+ (in combination with MK3) in most aspects, but not all.

    And Traktor runs on it just fine.


    Sure, one should go for 'tablet' with x86 CPU (not ARM or like) and at least i5 (not Atoms and like). AMD soon releases new CPUs for ultramobile use, I would go for one of those. But, one has to understand AMD numbering scheme, because first digit means year of release and not the generation of CPU (Zen 2, 3, 4, ..) So, go for Zen 4, not older generation.

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 421 Pro

    Soon? I’ve read that before mate…

  • nightjar
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    edited May 22

    Yep. iPad opens up a far better path for NI to pursue.

    Incredible devices on a rapid evolution.

  • Jblogg
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    Logic Pro, It runs so smooth on my IPAD, and they really thought about the interface, the effects are really maximized for touch and screen real estate! I hear you on subscription but 1 month free, and then 4.99 a month, or only 49 a year - after using it seems fair

  • tetsuneko
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    After one night of use, I like it! I'll take a year for 50€ thanks

    After the year is up, I'll activate my macOS LP demo period and use it for archiving all the stuff I did with the iPad version in MIDI & audio.. unless the desktop Logic also gets a subscription option

    Finally, a iOS DAW which doesn't feel like a toy

  • BIF
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    I'll say this once. I despise subscriptions. I despise them because I believe they REMOVE competitiveness from the marketplace. That hurts consumers AND investors. They do this in two ways:

    1. They fund lazy companies. At least for a time before people start canceling. Believe me, Adobe will tell you everything to the opposite, but they've done the math. They know that they can put out a [email protected] release of CC and still pull in a figure pretty close to norm.
    2. They take away your own personal agency. Anything that bills you automatically, or just takes the money out of your pocket without forcing you to consent to the money removal.
    3. Cancellation often comes with rules that favor the vendor, not the consumer.
    4. Cancellations OVER TIME (for example over a quarter or a couple quarters) will not be noticed right away. They COULD be noticed after it's already too late for the company to do anything about it. I think this may have been the case with Adobe in the weeks and months leading up to mid-September 2022.
    5. They make personal budgeting more difficult for CUSTOMERS. And why would you hurt the customer?
    6. The more subscriptions you have, the more hassle you have when you have to have your debit card changed due to fraudulent use by unknown persons. And the issuing banks NEVER track down the criminals or press charges for creating this hassle.

    Companies like subscriptions, because they create a stable source of revenue for the company, which simplifies their budgeting and makes their accountants' jobs easier. But they, being "hidden from view", tend to discourage individuals from personal-budgeting for these costs, while still whittling away at the individual's monthly budget.

    The only thing I hate more than subscriptions is when a company's subscription is the ONLY way to buy that thing. I'm always angry at Microsoft for forcing me into the Office 365 ecosystem, but at least I can put it on up to 5 computers in my house. Adobe is just too expensive. And when East-West took their VSTs to "Composer Cloud", I rage-quitted them to the point that I hardly ever look at their site anymore.

  • Mutis
    Mutis Member Posts: 421 Pro

    Apple is different… you have subscription for Logic PRO but you have garageband for FREE.

    Then one just make its numbers and decide but at least its fairly priced, as LPX in desktop.

    Subscriptions are evil but price/rewards play a thing.

    New models are being implemented too like zenbeats or Loopy Pro. Apple just give garageband for those who can’t/wan’t/need Logic.

  • Jojo123
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    Well said. Totally agree and thats why I hate subscriptions with a passion.

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