Logic now available for iPad - thoughts?



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    An iOS version of anything by NI is less likely than an update to Absynth hahaha, they don't have the resources to do anything outside of Play and expansions, and those are done by off site third parties.

    I am musing here obviously, but it really "feels" (again, musing, not fact, they have staff, they just don't do anything) like the only full time staff at NI right now are there to turn the lights off and on and post things online, like sending out an email to discuss this topic.

    It is actually pretty genius, in terms of future investors or sell off, it looks like they are still fully operating.

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    The price is pretty fair IMO especially if we look at it yearly but personally my issue is that software like this isn't "content", in this case it's a tool to create it. In something like Spotify, Nexflix or even Splice subs make sense since we get a gigantic library of existing content + new content every month to consume.

    Maybe we are all just old farts that will have no choice but to accept this new reality that we will never 'own' anything, not without a fight tho 😄

    Interesting points...

    I agree but I don't think anyone wants a tablet made for touch to mimic a PC, thats why this is cool to see since it's a major ' Pro DAW' carefully adapted to touch for the 1st time, instead of just some port that makes the UX actually terrible... Projects being interchangeable with the ´desktop / PC´ version with actual plugins is crazy. (once more plugs are available)

    Loopy Pro and the like seem cool but i'd never want to use those overly simplified apps on a computer to be honest.

    Personally that way of making music on iPads where everything is segregated and folks require 10 separate apps and have to jump between them always threw me off; im sure lots of people love it but for me it feels like a huge commitment to adapt to that.

    Im especially interested in what this means for music tech in the future, in terms of processing we are at a point where a tablet can be as powerfull as a laptop and a laptop as powerful as a desktop, that was unthinkable a decade or so ago... These M series Apple Silicon chips will eventually land on a phone too so I wonder if a few years from now we will all just use phones, get home and connected them to a big screen + interface + keyboard/mouse + other gear and be able to use heavy "pro" apps but also use those same apps on the go.

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    @D-One well…calling Loopy Pro “overly simplified app” is simply far from reality as calling an elephant “little bwoy” 😂😂😂

    I know it can be misleading, cause Loopy Pro can ALSO be a simple app…but the complexity you can reach (if you want) building it to do what you want is very, very, VERY deep (I don’t know how many desktop apps I know that can allow you to go as deep as Loopy Pro, with its follow actions, modifiers, widgets and so on). The fact that it is so customizable allows users to take from it what they need.

    Let’s put it like this: take the original Loopy (which was in facts quite a simple looper), add to it Reaktor and you will be close to what Loopy Pro is. Or let’s just say that, if builded correctly, Loopy Pro is the closest thing I know to Ableton Live on an iPad

    (Btw: the developer is building in facts also a Mac version now, for which people are over excited. In my case, I think that removing the multi touch aspect from it will be quite limiting. Hopefully he will succeed in doing one of the things he has in mind, namely having Loopy Pro on Mac but being controlled with touch by an iPad)

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    About needing different apps: I can understand your point. But nowadays apps are not “segregated” anymore (thanks to AuV3 and the DAW-like apps that allow to glue them together).

    In the end, it’s a matter of making a brain click on how you see them. Watching at them like “I need too many apps to do one task” doesn’t make them sound very convenient. But if you start thinking of them like taking what fits better with you, the mental mood changes.

    Try to see it like this: wouldn’t it be nice if you could take the aspects you like the most from various DAWs and use them together?

    Let’s say… the Maschine sampler BUT with ProTools audio editing facilities, Studio One piano roll, Ableton Live clips launching and FabFilters fxs (if those are the things you like, otherwise substitute them with your favorites)

    This is what the modular iPad approach allows you to do, combining the elements you like under a central brain app.

    Put down like this, it doesn’t sound that bad anymore, does it? 😉

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    Great news all around for those who have been making music on iOS for a decade. 🥹

    Also great for iOS app developers and hopefully more apps coming to iOS.

    Exciting times!

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    It would be Amazing if NI become Linux because people have problems in general on Win. And other OS in general no matter which company but i am here NI. I heard that Win will go Subscription only and i would like to be Music Producer only . I found my passion and i don't wanna go with Win or Aple because i don't have interest to do anything besides Music Production and it would be great to have NI Commuter and Controller, Plus is great but in future if everything become Subscription then i want NI to Work . I use Korgosccilator app on Android and it's crazy how fun it is with Maschine MK3 and Traktor or Bitwig or Ableton but i like Bitwig more in sync with Maschine. If i use instruments i quickly finish with sound dropouts , with Audio it can be hour or more without sound glitch... But NI without any possible problem will be best solution and i think it would run much better on Linux or Distro for NI with iZotope and friends only . I see potential in IOS and Android apps and i assume that NI can make something or maybe everything working.

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    "NI software on Linux" has been discussed to death. It won't happen for obvious reasons (i.e. Linux being a niche OS on desktop for decades = not worth it for many companies to support it).

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    One of the most obvious barriers for NI instruments/apps would be the the amount of "space" needed for NI Libraries.

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    We are speaking about now and near future (few years). And most of instruments NI sells is not made by NI..

    By the way, the solution is Apple unifies iPadOS and MacOS. It would be as simple as heart beat. Separating those two OSes is just to milk its customers to sell as much HW and SW as possible. More than if they would unify it.

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    I don't see Apple unifying iPadOS and MacOS anytime soon. It is pretty clear that they want to maintain iPad optimized UI's, and that means "desktop tier apps" are going to be their solution. OTOH You can already run iPadOS apps on your mac, so Macs getting a touch screen is something I can see happening at some point. It's all kinds of funny if that happens though — a 13" macbook air with a touch screen as the "iPad" we iPad users always wanted.. sounds dumb

    Logic Pro and FCP for iPadOS will be evaluated closely by the competition, and if they both turn out to be successes for Apple, you can rest assured that Ableton, Avid et al will be following the trend

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    Apple could maintain iPad optimized UI and yet fuse the both OSes. I am not on Mac, but someone wrote that most iPad applications do not have permission to run on Mac. It is understandable as iPad SW versions are way cheaper to Mac versions....

    Most probably some developers will port their SW to iPad, but also plugin developers would have to do it. But eiter way, folks may use any Win DAW on iPad like Win computers. But yes, they are not very much optimized for touch operation. But probably there is not demand from users...

    I agree that it is unlikely that Apple unifies iPadOS and MacOS any time soon. But my point of view is that it is not because it is better for users (touchable UI), it is better for Apple (selling iPad and Mac instead of just iPad or Mac in many cases and income from Apple Store)...

    If MS may have one OS for wearables, tablets, notebooks, desktops, workstations, database servers, ... Apple could do it as well, if they really wanted.... But segmentation is segmentation.

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    The only practical difference between iPad and MacBook will very soon be the fact that on iPad you can touch the screen or use pencil (if you wish). That means iPad will simply be feature-wise superior to portable Mac. Compare some current MacBook vs iPad + Apple Magic Keyboard to see what I mean. Young kids (future customers) use phones today and display-touch interface is super familiar to them (more than mouse/trackpad combos).

    I think MacBook/MacOS is slowly becoming "legacy product". 

    IMO the fact that developers can enable their iOS apps to run on MacOS means that Apple wants them to develop for iOS first, not vice-a-versa. 

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    IMO the fact that developers can enable their iOS apps to run on MacOS means that Apple wants them to develop for iOS first, not vice-a-versa. 

    Exactly, that is what I have already wrote in other words. Apple has no financial income from SW for Mac, but good money from any SW for iPad...

    Mac could have touch screen, if only Apple decides so.... And iPadOS has limitations comparing to MacOS. And most of Mac applications for Mac are not ported for iPad.

    Yes, to many users would fit to have just iPad. If only it had the same os as Mac and SW and HW for Mac would run also on iPad.

    I use iPad like Win computer as my main computer. Beside that I have stronger desktop for music creation. The both use the same Win version and may use the same SW.

    So, I understand happiness of Apple customers that iPad has major DAW ported.... Just,... Win users do have it for years for any DAW that runs on Win.

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    They make a lot of money from SW on Mac but yeah, it's def a tiny amount when compared to Phones since lot more people have iPhones rather than Macs, it's not even close... Surprisingly in some countries, iPhones have the most market share even tho they are expensive, like in the United States for example. From what I've seen the richest a country is the higher the iPhone market share is (I haven't checked all countries of course.)

    I been looking at job opportunities and courses for development for quite a few months and all I see is stuff for mobile, like, 80% or something... kind of crazy.

    From my observation of the people around me, normies don't even care about laptops nowadays, with a market so big it's normal for companies to focus on it but MacOS GUI has been becoming more touch-oriented with every new version which can't be by pure coincidence.

    Only an issue for Kontakt, if even... I just bought a 2TB nvme SSD for 120$, it's like 4 faster than SATA SSD's and if I want I can just slap it on an external enclosure.

    For iDevices with thunderbolt 4 you get crazy speeds with external storage, so, space is not really a problem just like it isn't for the current laptop market where most people buy computers with small SSD's anyway. (256-500gb, especially in the apple world)

    Yeah, that's a dead horse right there, no point in beating it. Linux will never happen, NI can barely keep up with dealing with 2 OS's + a standalone + iOS... now imagine if one more OS is added to the mix, especially Linux which requires users to be tech-savvy and has a tiny music-making user base.

    I'd worry about Windows going for subs when it actually happens, assuming that rumor is even substantiated. I'm a MacOS user and just installed Windows 11 and it's been great, I thought I would hate it but had no major complaints so far.

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