Practical M1 Mac mini +Ipad + Maschine mk2 combination??

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When i found out how low the power usage was for a M1 Mac mini, i always considered if the setup would be practical for being a mobile Hub with the Maschine Mk2...

ive only done an initial test to see how practical this is..

so far..with only a

M1 mac mini + ipad air 1(Yam display Air installed) + wireless mini mouse/keyboard,

im effectively able to blindly type in my password(login) and have the ipad air become my main display & everything is up and running.

it seems Yam display air doesnt require my local home wireless network, to kick into action(which is great!!) (except for the initial setup process of the app & m1)

there are some considerations to take onboard with size of screen mouse(touch) navigation etc, but there would seem to be workarounds for solving the small screen resolution etc, by using the accessability zoom options.

it should be noted that Yam display also seemingly works with older ipads too *shrugs

theres a free version for testing(but cheap enough to purchase)

its an option for people looking for some mobility solutions anyhow!



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    i should also mention that Yam display air needs to be setup so that it boots as a application on startup and the settings should be

    Mirror display1 (ticked)

    Launch at startup (ticked)

    prevent display from sleep (ticked)

    Enable airmode (ticked)

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    Did you tried sidecar?

    I have Luna display (both of my devices are too old for sidecar) and also tried back in the day splashtop with acceptable results.

    I also purchased a small screen with proper resolution (these newer for photographers) and I can handle certain things to a degree but I’m not sure to end using none of this with desktop apps like Traktor because DjPlayer or Djay Pro are better suited for small screens and touch enabled.

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    Sidecar i found out doesnt work with older ipad's like the one i have..

    i do believe older ipads can be used with Yam

    Luna was the only other consideration.. as that provides the Ipad screen during login... which Yam display air doesnt...

    I envisioned using the Maschine Mk2 & x2 Maschine Jam... requiring only 3 ports(Usb C to usbA hub)

    and running Reaper/Traktor/Maschine/remixlive all working sync'd & linked with the M1 (even remixlive ive mapped to a Maschine Jam page)

    as the Mk2 & Jam(s) run off USB

    i have this partially mapped & setup already.... i wouldve loved to have had the S4 mk1 in this too fixture too, but dems the breaks

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    I understood your iPad was also newer, sorry for that.

    Luna vs small hdmi screen… I ended going DjPlayer/Djay Pro but I don’t need extra features than A>B mixing (even stems isn’t a must “realtime”)

    Standalone hw is also something I wonder sometimes.

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    i hear ya with the Stand-alone hardware out there... very expensive & limited!!

    maschine+ ...just as an example still requires a battery to make it fully portable, which when you weigh up, what you get when utilising a M1 Mac mini & Mk2 you basically have a more versatile setup from the get go... add a battery solution with the M1Mac & Mk2 and you have a portable solution... add X2 maschine Jams& you have midi mapping solutions with a whole host of applications(with Bome midi)

    when i saw someone make a portable m1 mac mini it made sense to me to head toward that direction... as the M1 laptop as good as they are, i never liked the fact that laptop batteries are fixed.

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    i should mention... the Yam display Air.... does not provide any touchscreen movement on the Ipad... this is also one of the benefits that comes with Luna over Yam..

    although with Yam you can touch a point on the screen to emulate a left mouse click... but if you have a wireless mini keyboard/touch like the Rii I4 Mini BT Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad, it becomes a workable solution..

    as one can easily velcro the bottom of the Rii 4.. to your arm for the times you need to use a mouse&keyboard *shrugs

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    I was in the same boat. Now Logic is on iPad nothing else matters...

    Good luck with your set mate!

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