Elastic beatgrid with rekordbox transfer to traktor

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I’ve been using traktor for over ten years and while I like many things about it, it’s inability to beatgrid transition tracks and it’s file management system are seriously lacking and all the “real”DJ’s are using rekordbox now.

I actually prefer mixing with traktor but I like rekordbox for making playlists and beatgridding difficult tracks.

I have a bunch of Traktor playlists that I want to keep but I want to import a few playlists and tracks with changing bpm’s that I’ve beatgridded in Rekordbox.

Thanks in advance


  • Markovicz
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    Hi @Mindfunck ,

    I understand your sentiment in regards to Traktor's well-aged beatgridding possibilities. It's a long-standing feature request, and it shouldn't stay like that forever.

    So far, it is not possible to take over beatgrids from other applications. Yes, you can turn playlists from other software into Traktor-compatible formats, either by using .m3u format or 3rd-party tool such as DJ Conversion Utility or Rekordbuddy.

    Hope this helps at least a bit.

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