[Kontakt 6] How to multi-output ind. samples (per key)?

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Hello, all. I have a waning HW synthesizer that I have been sampling drum patches from into Kontakt.

I'm still new to making instruments but the wave/mapping editor has proven remarkably intuitive and easy to use.

One thing specific to drum patches, however, is that I'd like to be able to route each key (say, kick to mono output 1 (or 1|2 if that's the only option), snare to output 2 (or 3|4, likewise), etc.. [for seperate kit component processing post-breakout onto their own DAW tracks]

Everything I can find right now just talks about how to add multiple outputs in the output section for seperate instruments, and I'm trying to make multiple outputs in -one- instrument. If this requires scripting, I'm adventurous enough to fool around (long time UNIXhead)

Thanks anyone who has relevant information!



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