Guitar Rig 5 presets not working for me in Guitar Rig 6?

ryguymotif Member Posts: 13 Member

I previously used Guitar Rig 5 with Live 10. I mostly relied on the preset, "Blues Git".

I then upgraded Live 10 to Live 11, which required me to upgrade Guitar Rig 5 to Guitar Rig 6. That is , Guitar Rig 5 is not compatible with Live 11.

When I work on those old files in Live 11, I replace guitar Rig 5 with Guitar Rig 6 and select the same preset, Blues Git. However, I hear no sound. The preset is simply inaudible in Guitar Rig 6.

How can I get Guitar Rig 6 to audibly play the "Blues Git" preset from Guitar Rig 5?

I could render as audio all those old Guitar Rig 5 tracks in Live 10, but that would be very time-consuming so I'm hoping for a way of getting "Blues Git" to work in Guitar Rig 6.

Thank you.


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