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If I change computers, do I have to install maschine expansions through EXE?

Or should I save the last folder? I just need to put the folder on the hard drive, and Maschine will automatically recognize it?

Because I don't want to go to install via exe every time. I found that each installation also has no other files, just one big folder. So I just need to leave this folder alone, right?

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    Hi @swingmix

    If you are running a macOS system, and still have access to the files on your old system, you can follow these steps:

    Unfortunately this does not work on Windows systems.

    On Windows, all Expansions must be installed from scratch when moving to a new system, so that the new registry entries and activation files can be correctly generated.

    We are currently looking into a way of implementing a locate feature for Expansions in Native Access and hope that this will be addressed in a future update.

    In the meantime, you will simply need to reinstall them.


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