Kontakt Glitches and CPU Spikes on M1 Pro

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I wanted to stress test my new Macbook Pro 14 with M1 Pro chip and 16GB of RAM, but I went into some strange behaviour - glitches, CPU spikes, you can hear and see it in the video below:


Granted, I have a fairly low buffer size on my LIne 6 Helix audio driver - 128 samples. But higher buffer sizes don't help much... I also tried it on Macbook's internal audio - same behaviour. I am using the newest Kontakt 6.7.

A friend of mine did the same test (I sent him a Cubase project with similar midi notes as those played in this video) on his i9, 128 GB RAM, Windows machine, with no glitches and with extremely low buffer sizes. I wouldn't take 128GB RAM into account, since this instrument is a very small pressure on the memory.

Any thoughts?


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    I have a MacBook Pro 14' m1pro, and 32gb ram. Using latest Kontakt (6.7.1) with latest version of Logic )10.7.3), and Universal audio (now m1 native in V10).

    Only when using Kontakt, I get random glitches, the playhead randomly jumps back to beginning, and I get errors that the audio engine can't process. Only 2 instances of Kontakt running with just a few other tracks sing apple plug ins.

    This is Very light load, and only seems to happen when I add Kontakt. I push my intel laptop much further with many more tracks and NI plug ins before hitting ceiling, so it seems something not optimized with Kontakt for m1 yet?

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