Komplete Kontrol S61 Mk2 Left screen is Whited out.

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Just purchased A new Komplete Kontrol 4-24-23(Old one had a crash)upon setting up new computer and plugging in I noticed that the left screen ish whited out. is this a setting that can be adjusted or is it a Defect? that needs to be sent back for replacement?

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  • LostInFoundation
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    It looks a lot like a defect.

    Before sending it back, Try anyway to update its firmware and install its drivers to see if the problem is solved

  • uhrl
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    Thanks for the info. Just purchased all new Computer and hard drives so I did fresh install on everything from Native Access ("Witch keeps everything Update") or should). Also there is no Script in the control editor For The Komplete Kontrol s61 Mk2. I've never been able to connect either of my Komplete Kontrol Keyboard A or S series to the control editor. however the scrip editor pick up Jam and Maschine MK3. Also the Firmware updater has everything as being the latest and up to date firmware.

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    Send it back

  • LostInFoundation
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    Where are the keyboards plugged in ? Directly in the computer usb or in an usb hub? In this case, are the Maschines connected in the same hub?

    I would try keyboards directly in computer and see if Controller editor pick them.

    And if you have all the hardwares in one hub (like I do) sometimes it happens one of them can’t be seen (probably they ask for too much power all together, even with powered hubs).

    What works for me in this case is unplugging the hub power cable (or in my case also the usb, since it’s detachable) and plugging it back in. Or unplugging one of the working hardwares and see if the other gets picked up and then replugging in.

    But as I said, firstly to rule out the keyboards malfunctioning, try to plug them directly into the computer (since in my case they are not turning on, not “turning on but with one screen white”, which sounds like a defect).

    I suggest this further steps cause now you also say that Controller Editor is not picking them up, and you talk about 2 keyboards (possible that they both have same defect?)

  • JesterMgee
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    Pretty sure that one is a hardware fault, nothing in firmware would fix that. Best contact support direct or if you p;urchased from a local store, take it back for exchange.

  • uhrl
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    • Philipp P. @ NI
    • Today at 07:58
    • Thanks for reaching out to us, Nathen.
    • Can you please carry out the steps in the following guide:
    • My Native Instruments Hardware Device is Not Recognized
    • My KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboard Does Not Start

    • Let me know if you can make the Komplete Kontrol keyboard work.
    • If not, would it be possible for you to check the device with another computer?

    • This is the quickest way for us to determine whether there is a fault with the device, or whether it is caused by your system and will really speed up the troubleshooting process.
    • Best regards,
    • Philipp P. @ NI

    Im trying make a return and this is what I get.

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