Sharing Battery (and other Komplete instruments) across multiple computers

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Is there any way to save Battery kits or other samples/preferences in a shared location so that I can access them across multiple computers? I tried putting kits in a Dropbox folder (saved as a package so that samples are self-contained), but for some reason when I load my session (saved on another external), the other computer gets confused by where the samples are located.

It seems that Native Access lets you set different library paths for each computer, so I can have a different library drive for each. The problem is really in the custom patches (and I notice it the most with Battery). Is there another cloud storage solution that plays more nicely with NI software?



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    in my experience the path must be exactly the same on both computers then it should work. But if you now have projects, let's say, with libraries on e:\libraries, a local drive. But now you add a cloud drive, you add in explorer, you will have to give it the e drive letter and like i said paths should be exactly the same. But i never tried it myself cause i think it will be too slow.

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    Hmm interesting. I figured the paths were the same, but actually the user folder name is different (so HOME/Dropbox/BatteryPresets instead of STUDIO/Dropbox/BatteryPresets. It would be nice if NI let us use relative paths here.

    Although I did try copying them on two external hard drives with the identical names and ran into the same problem, so I dunno if that fixes it. Seems like it has to be the exact same device every time?

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    On windows it must just be the exact same path on mac - i don't know. And yes we need relative paths here!!

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