Audio 8 dj stopped working

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Hello. I'm an old house DJ who decided to set up and play in my basement. It's been over a decade. I got my old version of traktor scratch pro working, with the audio 8 dj, and my old vci-100 controller. I played around for a couple days with that, and then decided to try and get the time coded vinyl working. Plugged everything in, mixed two tracks and then the laptop crashed with a blue screen saying "wdf violation" at the bottom.

I've tried going back to just using the vci-100, but now as soon as I try to use the audio 8 dj, it crashes. I can't understand why. I just wanted to play some music tonight but spent like 5 hours messing around only to not even be able to do what I could do yesterday.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


  • lord-carlos
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    Can you check if the soundcard works on another computer?

    Sounds like a hardware failure though :/

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