Send Maschine mk1 audio to roland mx1 mixer

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Hi Everyone. I'm looking to send audio from my maschine mk1 controller to my roland mx1 mixer. So I can use the digital channel to output the audio . Does anyone on here have experience with this.



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    You have to set the mx1 as the audio interface in the program you are using. The audio is not going out from the MK1 (has you said, it is just a controller, it’s not producing any sound), but from its software (Maschine or anything else you are using if you use mk1 in midi mode)

  • Marty15089
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    So I have to set the maschine 2 software to mx1 as main interface sound card . Then assign it to a channel on my mx1 . Would I be right saying that .

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    normally for routing audio outside of Maschine you would use a audio routing program

    where the routing program(driver) is set inside maschine... then routing is easily carried out

    look into voicemeter (windows) or something like blackhole (Mac) as the routing solutions... both are free

    also... one needs to consider whether your Roland mx1 is a device inside of your computers OS.. if it is a device and has inputs on your PC or Mac... then the above should work in theory..

    if however your device doesnt register with the OS of your system... then you have to physically route audio with cables

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