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I purchased a Maschine Mikro at a thrift store out of town, and I’m trying to set it up for my son to use. However, in Native Access when I try to add the serial it says Registration error: The serial has been registered already. I have no way of contacting the previous owner and the thrift store has no information to provide. How can I transfer the registration to me?

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    The only way is to contact NI Support using Web. I am not sure, but I hope NI will be able to help you.

    Generally you do not need the HW Licence transfer to use HW. It is needed for accompanying SW... But for example Komplete Start may be downloaded from NI pages for free. And no registration is needed.

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    Try sending in a copy of your receipt from the thrift shop to NI Support together with a snapshot of the hardware serial number with some form of your identifying mark—perhaps a strip of PostIt note with your email address written on it and place the note next to the hardware serial number.

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    For this type of issues, please contact our registration support here:

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