Bug: Traktor Remix Set Samples Sound Up and Down By Themselves!

Boogie Louis
Boogie Louis Member Posts: 16 Member

Hi all,

NI please help. I created a custom remix set and after I trigger a sample and lower the sound of it to 0 with the D2 fader, the sound of that sample will up and down by itself even if I don't touch anything on my D2!

I use the very latest Traktor with a MacBook Pro latest IOS (April 23, 2023)


  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,545 mod

    It sounds like the fader is faulty :( Try MIDI OX and see if the value jump could be duplicated.

    If that's so. You should reach out to hardware support team for the replacement.

  • Boogie Louis
    Boogie Louis Member Posts: 16 Member

    Hi Steven,

    I really appreciate such a speedy response!

    Your answer made me consider that the D2 might be defective. I tested the same custom remix set on my other D2 and it works fine. The bug is gone. Then I tested again the custom remix set on the first D2 that used to be faulty and the bug is gone too! Thanks to you, I figured out the solution.

    If someone has a custom remix sample sound going up and down by itself, simply open that remix set on another deck and it should fix it. At least it works for me thanks again Steven.

  • Boogie Louis
    Boogie Louis Member Posts: 16 Member

    I did more tests and Steven was right, it was my D2 that was defective. the lasting solution is to replace the D2 for a newer one.

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