M+ out of resources (cpu monitor=ram+cpu??)

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Hi, just would like to share my experience with M+ and maybe ask some questions about the performance logic.

I have loaded around 22 loops, 10s each. No inserts or further processing. THIS was enough to get me consistently out of cpu resources.

  1. it seems like "cpu" information includes also ram info, because having just 20 loops loaded can make no stress for cpu, right? That would mean the ram is not too vast.
  2. and of course that's sad news that I am tight with such basic setup.. its like to have a big car with just one seat.

So this moment I have reduced the number of the loops to 16, and loaded one simple bass synth. CPU is flying around 50%-60%.. ok, and I just didn't start to do other things.

I would love to hear I am wrong and solve it with something simple

.. yes, my M+ is up to date..Kingston sdg3/512GB



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    Maschine+ mounts 4 GB dual channel DDR3L RAM.

    Are the loops user loops or NI ones? Where have your loops been charged from? SD card (direct disk streaming)?

  • hisoul
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    ok, they are user loops.. from the SD Kingston sdg3/512GB

    any idea welcomed

  • hisoul
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    am I able to change streaming settings?

  • Flexi
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    No, Maschine has no streaming, it loads all content in to RAM, desktop and M+ are both the same.

  • ozon
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    If the Loops are loaded into the Audio Plugin, try using the Engine Mode „Re-pitch“.

    That should bring down the CPU load considerably.

    Naturally, that only works if you don’t need to change pitch and/or tempo of the Loops. If you need to change tempo and/or pitch independently, use the Stretch or Formant mode and re-sample the Loops. Then use the re-sampled loops with Re-pitch mode or the Sampler module.

  • hisoul
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    ok, time stretching on more instances can be heavy, but I stil feel something like there is a performance leak. Or just M+ reality. Looking forward the next update.

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