Traktor DVS Pitch - Massive Variations


Hoping someone can help here.

Using Traktor Pro 3 DVS and I’ve started getting some wild pitch changes when playing without touching the turntable. It can randomly jump to over 100% increases and stay like that.

I’ve tried new control vinyl and switching cart/stylus with no success. I’ve also disconnected my whole set up and reconnected using different cables.

Nothing seems to correct the issue.

Running the latest version of TP3 on a Kontrol Z2. Laptop is a 2012 MacBook Pro with the latest version of osx 13.

Never had any issues until today


  • PZZO
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    edited April 2023

    How frequently does it happen? When it does happen, does re-calibrating the timecode fix it?

    If you connect the Z2 to a different computer and run Traktor, does it still happen? That might help narrow down if it's an issue with the mixer or the PC.

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