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I have just purchased Komplete 13 and having problems with registered and activated products not showing up in Kontakt 7, when opening Native access its showing that i have 44 products installed, but when i open Kontakt 7 its only showing 13 products, i have checked all of the install paths and they are correct according to NI, the only way i can open up the products that are not showing up is by browsing to the root folders, this is all very frustrating and already spent 2 days looking up how to fix this, but even the NI method does not work, any ideas please.

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  • LostInFoundation
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    Different times: before we had to install things by ourselves. And then they worked.

    To spare us these 2 days spent installing, they give us 2 days looking up how to fix things. And then…they still don’t work.


  • Dakes2
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    if i had known before hand that i was going to have these problems, then i wouldn't have bought it

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    What is one example of a Kontakt library showing installed but not appearing in Kontakt?

    If you check in the settings does it still only show the 14 products:

    If you are on mac, have you checked the security preference section of your system and confirmed any place where Native Access or Kontakt is listed has access rights?

    Can you post screenshots showing the install path of the libraries in Native Access:

    Also showing the library installed on your system at that location:

    What have you tried already to fix the issue?

    Can't say I have had any issues with Native Access other than an issue when updating it having to manually run the latest NTKDaemon before the newer installer will launch, install and activation of all content works just fine.

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    This is the screenshot of locations, i have been in contact with NI support and they have told me that everything is installed correctly, this is all new to me and i think its going to take some time to get my head around everything, i understand that some products open with Reaktor, but for instance, if i want to use Choir, i cannot find a way to open it, thanks for your input.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Dakes2 Not all products are Kontakt libraries, maybe this article will help you out: Which Applications do the KOMPLETE Content Products Belong To?

  • Dakes2
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    All sorted now thank you

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    I feel your pain. I've had similar problems with native access which is a Royal pain to work with. I recently purchased a new hard drive for all of my sample libraries which was bigger and could hold more. I transferred everything onto the new drive exactly as it was shown on the old drive and gave the drive the same exact name. However native access doesn't see anything at all I spent 2 days either reinstalling or relocating 350 various instruments effects and expansions.. I also have eastwest composer cloud and the main difference between it and native access. Is that when I went into the Eastwest installation center and told it what hard drive to find all of my material on it recognized every one of my libraries immediately.. A far contrast to spending two days up and close and personal with native access and having to reinstall every darn thing I own. I'd like to say that native instruments makes some really fantastic products but their deployment is disgusting. Maybe in a future version of native access It'd be nice if it could point it to a directory and it would automatically see all your already installed products, like a global relocate instead of having to do one at a time. 5 mouse clicks for each one times 350, do the math. The interesting thing is in the preference section. You do select the drive where you have all of your contents. But it doesn't matter. It's still won't see them without you either having to relocate or reinstall and to make matters worse for some reason all the expansions do not give you the Choice to relocate you have to reinstall all of them..

  • Dakes2
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    Thanks for your reply, i understand exactly what you are saying here, I spent over a week trying to figure out how to set it all up, like you say it was a real pain to do it, and to be honest if i had known i was going to have these problems then i would not have bought it, but its all sorted out and working ok now


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