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I am on a Mac. I keep all my content on an external drive because my computer's desktop hard drive is not large enough for the complete kit. I now have a laptop for a mobile studio setup, but when I plug in the external hard drive, I need to manually locate the content in a very specific manner (I cannot just select the external hard drive and let it scan for the content to get the right path). This is very cumbersome. It took me a long time to download all the content (I basically downloaded it piecemeal over a year) because I have a slow connection.

I'm really disappointed there is no intuitive way to instruct native access to scan an entire folder and discover the installed products.

Is there a way to go into the deeper system library on my desktop (which has all the content mapped to the external hdd properly) and copy some files and them paste them in the right place on my laptop so that native access recognizes where all the content is?


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