Ableton Live VS. Logic

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I use Ableton LIVE, for me it works perfect, but some of my colleagues say Logic from Apple it self would be better. Any one here who use both for a long time and can share his experience?

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    If it works perfect for you, probably it’s even better for you.

    In any case, Ableton has a little more grit in the live performance field (hence the name) while Logic is a little more “traditional” as a DAW. But both can do all very well, since now Logic has also a clip based workflow (copied from Ableton?) and Live also has a traditional DAW workflow (copied from…all other DAWs? As far as I remember Cubase was one of the first on this, back in late 80s)

    If you work in Ableton half of the time in clip view, I would stick to it (and you already know how to use it, which is a plus. Learning curve usually doesn’t make you appreciate a new DAW in the beginning, unless you persevere till you are good with it and only then you start really seeing the benefits).

    At least this is my opinion.

    The only real motivation to switch DAW is if you work with the professional music industry, in which case still nowadays ProTools is almost a must (a little bit like it is for DJs with Pioneer, since almost in every DJ booth you’ll find them). Otherwise…what works perfect for you is your best choice

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    I find it is best to completely ignore anyone who says "you should use DAW XYZ because it is better....". I could easily point at reasons Logic is not better, doesn't support Windows for 1, or VSTs for 2...

    What is their argument for "better"? Is it because that is what they are using, which == better in their view.

    Use whatever suits your workflow. As mentioned above, Clip View is something I could never live without because it's usually how I start designing an idea and a good source of fun and experimentation.

    Not uncommon for people to have several DAWs they use these days so nothing stopping you running both other than your purse strings (or if you like to use Windows), I also use Reaper and dabble with SloTools (mostly when forced to), tho I kind of really hate it as a DAW personally, completely overpriced suckscription model unless you have to use it for a job that pays for the cost, IMO. That is where it's nice to just activate and get $h!t done ASAP so you can can it in a month.

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    I would argue it’s better for scoring having used both along with the mixer in Logic. Being able to output sheet music for those writing for musicians is another point for Logic.

    That said, for music production I use Live more because it doesn’t need modifiers to do every little thing the way Logic seems to. Logic’s midi editor is more powerful but for the basic everyday stuff it’s more tedious I feel like. I never got into the Logic version of session view for some reason - tried it a couple times.

    Windows / vst support doesn’t matter much for a lot of Mac people I feel like. I haven’t run into any plugins that don’t work in Logic and Live still doesn’t support vst migration.

    So I could argue one being better than the other for different use cases is kinda the point of it all. I like Logic compressors and Alchemy while I like Live’s hybrid reverb and other more unusual devices. I do all my mastering and dialog work in Logic along with other post for video.

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    I prefer Logic over Ableton for many reasons but I will not say is better. As everyone pointed it depends on the user needs and I will not use Logic for live performance. Mainstage is the right tool for that but lacks in live loops so…

    Logic for my needs has proper tools like beat extraction keeping the tempo changes. It works the opposite to Ableton warp function where markers stretch audio source material. Logic detect the source beat and adapts transport.

    This makes Ableton better suited for electronic music and Logic better suited for funk, Reggae, etc where keeping the human groove is important. You can achieve the same and opposite with each tool but tedious/pleasure apply depending on what process you try in which DAW.

    With the smart tempo enabling transport to follow audio… all tempo based tools are synced too. Think in delay fx or lfo… but also in smart drummers!

    BTW drummers have a switch to follow target audio file tempo without needing analyzing (AFAIR).

    Also natural analog instruments like pianos or strings are something Ableton needs to implement by third party to compete with Logic’s library. VST? AU! But most of the time I can do everything just with stock library “plugins” and that’s also true for audio/midi fx… obviously talking for my needs.

    The library is big but nothing compare with Kontakt… but that’s another history since we are comparing Ableton vs Logic.

    Dedicated oriental instruments are a plus and dedicated drummers for latin are also nice and welcome.

    Using smart controllers with stringed instruments is fun!

    What about remote control? Ableton supports lots of controllers and has a dedicated one: Push2.

    It has isomorphic keyboards, screens, tr secuencer, device control… but you know what?

    You have most of that (and maybe some more) with Logic Remote (free) app. You need an iPad but not the latest so old devices get second chance.

    But someone could say “I prefer rubber pads over touchscreen… it’s about haptics!”


    All of this working on late 2012 mac mini…


    These are just few examples of why maybe your friends said “Logic is better” (for them).

    Almost is better for m…y needs.


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    It comes to personal preference, because both do the same thing essentially, with in both DAWs some features which are unique for each, and probably some use cases where one is more suited than the other.

    If you want to find out yourself, just install the trial version of Logic to see what's up. Having an extra DAW sometimes can help with inspiration because of the different workflow.

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    One option: Stick with Live is you like the workflow. Export stems for your Logic-loving collogues.

    Another option: Use both from time to time, maybe you'll get a different inspiration from each.

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