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I want to send some of my individual drums to separate channels in my DAW. The only way I can find to do this, is to route the individual channels of the "Mixer" within Abbey Road. That works fine if you just need the kick, or snare, or toms. But I want to send the "stick clicks" to an individual channel. Currently, the stick clicks are coming through only in the "Room mic" and "Overhead mic" on the Abbey Road mixer. I need to create a separate channel on the Abbey Road mixer for the stick clicks, but I can't figure out how to do that. It would also be fine to replace the "Tom 1" channel with the stick clicks, but I can't figure that out either.

How do I add a separate stick-click channel, or a separate cowbell channel to the mixer in Abbey Road, so that I can send that channel to its own channel in my DAW?

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    In the Mixer settings if you select a given drum it will provide you with a Channel Settings display. To the far right you'll see the Channel Output section. I've never done this but the manual says:

    The CHANNEL area gives an OUTPUT drop-down menu to select which output that channel will be routed to. Please note that the channel outputs must first be setup in KONTAKT before being able to route them here. To unload a channel that is currently not in The Performance View Mixer Page use from your computer's memory, select it from the drop-down menu (represented by a memory chip icon) in the top-right corner of the CHANNEL area. You can always load that channel back at any time.

    Additional Kick and Snare Controls The Kick and Snare close microphones have additional controls to adjust multiple direct microphone levels: ▪ For the Kick close mic, there is an additional area on the left where you can adjust the separate levels of the Direct In mic (placed inside the kick drum pointing towards the front head), the Direct Out mic (placed a short distance outside of the kick drum) and the Direct Sub mic (a special inverted speaker microphone placed next to the Direct Out mic to pick up the sub frequencies of the kick drum). ▪ For the Snare close mic, there is an additional area on the left where you can adjust the separate levels of the Direct Top mic (placed over the snare drum pointing down), the Direct Bottom mic (placed under the snare drum pointing up), and the Snare Bleed. The Snare Bleed fader adjusts the amount of the “buzzing” sound that the bottom of a snare produces when resonated by the Kick and Toms.

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    Thanks for looking into this, but this is not quite my problem. Your solution allows me to route the individual channels of the Drummer Mixer to outputs in Kontakt, which I can then route to individual channels in my DAW. But the problem I have is that I can't figure out how to customize what is going into the Drummer Mixer channels. For example, in Abbey Road Modern Drummer, the mixer channels are: "Kick", "Snare", "HiHat", "Tom1", "Tom2", "Tom3", "Tom4", "Clap", and "Chop". I don't need four channels of toms for the track I'm working on, but I do need one channel of "Sticks" and another of "Cowbell". After I get those channels into my Drummer Mixer, then I can route them out to my DAW as you described in your response, but how do I customize what is going IN to the channels on the Drummer Mixer?

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    @squaremeallabs Perhaps this article will help: How Can I Use my DRUMMER Product with Multi-Outputs in KONTAKT ?

    Would have helped to mention what DAW you are using, we have dedicated articles on Multi Ouputs in several DAWs, here is the generic one: How to Create Multiple Outputs in KONTAKT and Route Them to a DAW

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    Squaremeallabs, I understand your frustration that the responders are missing the spirit of your question. I think you want to be able to replace a TOM channel in the mixer for STICKS.

    The stick, bell, claps are all things you really don't mic exclusively in a playable kit. They are part of the kit sitting in the Room/OH. To adhere to the realism of a mic'd kit, this is the trade-off. It would be nice to have everything isolated and let the end user decide how much 'real world' is in the kit.

    Granted, you could take the respective item into a vocal booth and record each isolated part, but there are probably already samples available that have done that.

    While not ideal, you could create a separate instance of the drums, solo the room and oh's and only play the stick or whatever you want isolated.

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