Komplete 14 Standard with 13 Ultimate

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I'm considering taking advantage of the keyboard sale, I see the S88 comes with K14 Standard. I already have K13 Ultimate. How would that mix? Is it possible to upgrade part of Ultimate, leaving some to 13 (the parts not included in Standard)?


  • Vocalpoint
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    While I think it will be fine to mix and match like this - the only real advantage is the "new" stuff that K14STD would bring that is not part of K13ULT.

    Not exactly sure what you mean by "upgrading" parts of K14ULT either.


  • zelight
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    Nice, yes if it basically adds K14STD ontop of K13ULT that is fine, just want to make sure there is not a conflict having both at the same time.



  • Vocalpoint
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    Don't believe anything is actually based on which bundle (s) you have.

    Native Access should handle it all simply by listing all products you can install.


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    The only conflict you could face are double licenses of products that you already own thanks to K13ULT.

    I think that, if I was you, I would still take advantage of the current deal, but also sell K13ULT later and upgrade K14STD to K14ULT once the "Summer of Sale" rolls in (usually on June 1st), where updates and upgrades will be 50% off.

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