Good MIDI controllers for Reaktor stuff?

Senseixon Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

I’m trying to get more into Reaktor as a UltimateWeapon setup.

Any advise on which MIDI controllers works best with Reaktor for controlling a lot of stuff?

And specifically for Reaktor Blocks?

Thank you!

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  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 2,515 mod


    the good old behringer bcr 2000 is awesome. There is a live sample performance tool for 2 bcr's if i remember correctly. With bc edit the bcr is a versatile controller. I never saw a controller with that capabilities again even after all those years. Unfortunately they are old and you can get them only used. It also depends on what you want to do, some matrix pad controllers can also be cool. Or a maschine, there is even a maschine block.

  • LostInFoundation
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    My suggestion would be, if you can do without tactil controls and you have an iPhone or even better an iPad, to create your own personal controller with apps like Lemur, Touch osc or the new Loopy pro (that even if it’s a looper, can build wonderful control surfaces (I made one for controlling Maschine+ with it and it’s very useful. I’ll leave a picture of it after)).

    This approach allow you to put all the controls you want, personalized at your needs. And to modify them whenever you want or for whatever ensemble you are using at the moment

    Picture of my Maschine+ Kontroller:

  • KoaN
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    Faderfox has really cool handy midi controllers,fits in the palm of the hand with tons of mapping and even a display with the EC4.

    It is a bit expensive but worth it i think.

    I went with the EC4 but was also considering this one which seems also cool,a bit less expensive.

  • Senseixon
    Senseixon Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    Lots of ideas here, I’ll start digging it, I think it’s possible to create my own UltimateWeapon mouseless in Reaktor.

    Thank you all!

  • LostInFoundation
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    edited April 20

    Another suggestion: if you need a tactile controller with the all in one approach (knobs, sliders, buttons, endless encoders,…) Akai apc40 mk2 has them all in one box (or also mk1 that you can find used very cheap, but it’s really bulky and plastic-y)

  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 666 Guru

    Launchpad seems quite good, the 'programmer' mode makes it pretty straight forward to control from Reaktor, so you can manipulated the lights behind the pads.

    So you could build applications - like a gate sequencer, a matrix switch/router/mixer, lots of possibilities there.

    You can probably do that with other controllers, but I have no experience with those :)

  • gentleclockdivider
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    Expensve but worth it

    Faderfox products are topnotch ,you can't go wrong with either the EC4 or PC12

  • Seqsual
    Seqsual Member Posts: 39 Helper
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    My recommendation would be Maschine, I have made couple of blocks dedicated to MIDI communication between Maschine and Reaktor.

  • Senseixon
    Senseixon Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    This is truly amazing!

    The answer I needed, using Maschine.

    Can I get these blocks in the Reaktor User Library?

    Are they standalone in Reaktor or need Maschine software to comunicate it with MIDI correctly?

    Thank you!

  • Kymeia
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    Whatever controller you use and especially Maschine or Komplete Kontrol which use host automation to assign knobs to params - it will only work well if the Reaktor ensemble or Rack is setup to be automated in advance. Many ensembles in the user library need some tinkering with automation settings for them to be controllable. For that you need the full version of Reaktor

  • Seqsual
    Seqsual Member Posts: 39 Helper

    You can find the blocks I mentioned here:

    The first one is transforming MIDI velocity from Maschines's pads into CV available in Reaktor and second is transforming CV from Reaktor into 16 MIDI CC messages (to be sent out). I usually run Maschine and Reaktor in standalone side-by-side, sending MIDI through their virtual inputs/outputs.

    In the second video, Reaktor is used as a sort of MIDI processor as it converts received velocity into CC and sends it back to Maschine.

    I think Maschine (with software) is a good controller for Reaktor even without any custom blocks as you can set up plenty of macros (CC to be sent out) and use Locks to store macro values in states (which can be recalled or morphed between).

  • Senseixon
    Senseixon Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    Hi Sesual,

    I'm trying to make it work but... I don't know...

    Can you help me with a step by step configuring Maschine standalone and Reaktor standalone with virtual input/outputs?

    I'm feeling stupid.

  • Seqsual
    Seqsual Member Posts: 39 Helper

    Hi, have a look at the second paragraph on this page called "Setting up comminucation between Maschine and Reaktor/Reaktor Player":

    Hope it helps.

  • Murat Kayi
    Murat Kayi Member Posts: 382 Pro

    Maschine Jam has a dedicated Block for Reaktor and it is a piece of magic!

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