Looking for Raindrop Sounds with tonality

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Anybody an idea to create Raindrops (or other waterdrops) with playable tonality with reaktor 6?


  • colB
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    Do you mean individual drops, or the sound of rain with thousands of drops?

    What are they hitting? so drops into water, or drops hitting concrete.. or something else? custard?

    Is this outside, or in a large room, or a cardboard box?

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    here is a sample based rain generatot by Jonathan Tremblay or do you don't like samples?

    an osc based wind generator from the same author is here


    In the Factory Library is SpaveDrone with a sound named Drip Drop or Umbrella

    Pouring Rain, Stalactite Concerto, Bits Dropping, Silver Rain 1 and Swamp.

    The instrument is build by Martijn Zwartjes.

    Sounds by Smyglyssna, Jörg Remmer Müller, Junkie XL, AME, Richard Devine, Speedy J

  • colB
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    Here's a rack that drips, but more like a tap than rain...

  • midiklaus
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    Thanks for information and inspiration. At least I'm looking for a tool to play a melody with single waterdrops. So there are two things, sound design of drops falling in different environments and play the sounds via midi keyboard

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    In that case, the rack I posted is maybe a reasonable starting point... from there, try different filters, envelopes, reverbs, delays, try a high pass after the resonant bandpass, try a second very short envelope instead of sending the gate directly to the resonant filter... plunder the UL for non factory Blocks to try :)

    Google might also help - there are bound to be various approaches to this, and most will be implementable with Blocks, and if not, certainly in standard Reaktor Primary/Core

    EDIT: btw, what did you do to get that code box with scroll bar?

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