Add Kontrol F1 compatibility with Maschine+ ?

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Could it be possible to have F1 compatibility with Maschine+?

Or at least making it usable in midi mode?

At the moment when plugged in all the lights turn on, but then it goes off and it’s not even possible to put it to midi mode.

It would be an additional nice controller for Maschine+ (pads for Scene selection/Lock States, 4 faders, 4 knobs, some buttons, suitable form factor….).

In the end it is a controller still supported and sold by NI, so it could also increase sales


  • Mutis
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    Check for xone k2. It’s class compliant afaik so it should work…

  • LostInFoundation
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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I don’t need a new controller, I was just testing what was working with the ones (a ton 🤪) that I already have.

    F1 being from NI itself, I thought it could be interesting for them to make it compatible (but being it not class compliant probably won’t allow it, even if some non class compliant devices when in midi mode works anyway, e.g. with iPads)

    My definitive setup with Maschine+ will probably be in any case M+, Maschine Jam, Keyboard and my self-created “Maschine+ Kontroller” on iPad. I can plug these 4 together without any USB hub and they give me all the flexibility I want (but even only M+ and Jam is already a monster duo!).

    Btw: the Xone you suggested is quite nice, but also way more expensive than F1. And I like F1 pads vs Xone more knobs more (I can have how many knobs I want on my iPad controller)

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