Feature request: Ability to insert a folder explorer address

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Hi, i m currently having issues with loading Battery 4 kits (just like described here, still unsolved?: https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/1586/battery-issue-battery-4-info-nkx-is-missing-under-prefs-library-factory )

I m now manually going through user-saved- komplete kontrol preset of battery kits (a lot), reloading them, and showing Komplete Kontrol the correct folder for the "missing samples".

Now to the bug. I m provocatively calling it a bug, because it is drastically slowing down workflow, and feels like a bug, you know, like a smiley, fat slow bug which annoys you ;) The window which appears after pressing "point to folder" is a restricted explorer window, which forces you to click manually, to finally reach the correct folder. By default, it always already has the NI user folder opened, which is on C:... which even makes things worse, because you have to click around much more. Please, by the grace of god, make this window a NORMAL explorer window-prompt, in which you can copy/paste the folder adress. (if other KK or Kontakt prompts also have similar file search windows, my wish would apply for those too!) Thank you a lot! :D


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    What NI need to do with Battery is what has been asked for for over a decade, and that is have Battery AUTOMATICALLY search the library path you have set for the kits in the options first before throwing a dialog and allow adding in custom paths to also have searched if it loads and does not find the content at the saved location.

    This issue happens even if you just use stock factory sounds but move your factory folder or even open your project on a different machine. If you then load Battery on a new track, all is fine but opening an older project it stores the old path and does not load the content.

    It is the single biggest reason I rarely use Battery and instead, just copy the sample files to Ableton Drum Rack instead. Makes it impossible to save rack setups for battery for fear of having to mess aroundd like you are every time you decide to load an old template.

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    Hi, this sounds like an improvement rather than a 🐛, so I added a feature request tag to your post instead. Thanks for sharing!

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