Battery Issue: Battery 4_info.nkx is missing under Prefs->Library-Factory

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Noticed that at least a half dozen of my NI Expansions are missing a file called Battery 4_info.nkx.

When I go into Battery and click Edit-Preferences-Library and "Factory" - see several entries that have a strange folder icon preceding the Location path entry.

When I click on the icon - I get a dialog telling me that a file called Battery 4_info.nkx is missing and offers me several options to find it.

However - if I search my entire PC (three separate drives) - this file is nowhere to be found.

What exactly is this file and why do other Expansion libraries (in the Battery Library area) appear to be fine?





  • Blindeddie
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    This has been brought up in another thread on the old forum I think, but there was no "definitive" answer given to what they are...I am curious as well!! I will say that the file not being available does not seem to have any ill affect, just kind of an annoyance for the OCD!!🤪

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Does removing a .plist file and reinstalling Battery 4 work for you? 🤔

  • Jeremy_NI
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    It's a known issue, only cosmetic. This is what we advise users to do:

    Are you able to load a kit from the expansions reporting a missing .nkx file?

    Please apply this workaround:

    When you do get the error from attempting to load it.

    1) Select a Kit from the Browser.

    2) Click on “Resolve Manually” > Point to the specified Folder.

    3) Navigate to the relevant “Samples” folder within it and select it.

    4) Click on the “Save As” option for the kit patch only.

    5) Save it to the original file directory.

    6) Opening the kit from the browser on subsequent occasions doesn’t then throw up the missing samples error.

    However, In the Edit > Preferences > Library option the expansion packs kits still list the error of Battery 4_info.nkx missing.

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