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Recently, I purchased the latest model of the Roli controller, and it's truly amazing. However, despite the tutorials available online, I'm struggling to fully harness the subtlety and power that the Roli can offer with my Kontakt banks. Even the pitch amplitude doesn't seem to be optimal, and polyphony isn't functioning correctly, especially with sustained notes using the glide on the right hand and held notes on the left hand. I do have the Ultimate Collector suite of Kontakt and other banks, including orchestral banks. Could someone please explain step by step or provide me with an explanatory link on how to fully enjoy my Roli in Logic Pro X?

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  • Paule
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    How many users own a Roli controller and how many users own Kontakt?

    It isn't cheap to implemate Roli to Kontakt, isn't it?

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    You have to go into the Dashboard and experiment and configure what works for you.

    Probably try "Multi-channel" since Kontakt is not MPE-compatible to my knowledge.

    In Kontakt maybe try to switch it to "Omni" mode for receiving.

    Then if its not responding the way you want, you have to adjust those transfer curves in the Dashboard. Make the Strike more pronounced, change the Pitch Bending Range, etc..

    Its easier to master the MPE data using a dedicated instrument like Equator, Roli Player, Cypher.. then when you're quite sure of your configuration and playing style you can begin to target instruments like Kontakt for mapping more easily.

    It's only going to go so far though since it's mainly a sample-based instrument meant to be played with traditional controllers. You will have to find the patches you want to play and really roll up your sleeves to wring the most out of it.

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