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hey ni, i would so love to have a stand alone komplete kontrol keyboard that could load komplete on its own internal hard drive, like how akai have done with the mpc. this would be amazing. or atleast some komplete support for the maschine+


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for the feedback @dogbreath11

    We've seen quite many similar requests here and hope this gets considered by the product team soon!

  • remo
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    Valued NI-Team,

    I would be highly interested in new NI keyboards. Standalone would be great.

    I would prefer a komplete kontrol S88 mk3 with a wooden keybed (i.e. Fatar TP/40Wood or 400Wood):

    Studio Logic, Yamaha, Doepfer and other manufacturers have gone to great lengths in development of midi keyboards with keybeds that have a better and more real feel for recording. For example the new Numa X Piano GT from Studiologic has an all new TP/400 Wood built in, which is the continuation of the TP/40 Wood.

    All those keyboards out there are great and the new Studio Logic with the wooden finish at the sides has a nice look. We need all of that but not without the well-known and premium integration with NI Kontakt. I think there is an urgent need for an upgrade.

    The light guide on the S88 mk2 is really helpful when recording Kontakt Instruments. But no other manufacturer offers that. The touch sensitive knobs mapped to the Instruments are very valuable, also here no alternatives are available. Your keyboards are great, but they definitely need a swift and smart overhaul.

    Doepfer also has an interesting approach of developing great but simple keyboards:

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    Yeah but like all these things it will need an embedded chip and quickly fall behind what even the most basic desktop can do, plus have all the hassle of Maschine + when trying to get anything onto it like custom Reaktor ensembles and plugins and which can't even run things like Massive X. Personally I'd rather investment went into things like a better keybed, poly aftertouch, useful ribbon strips or touch controls/morph XYs (and not in the wrong place like on the S61), maybe touch screens, more knobs and mappable buttons

  • remo
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    Thats already a good list of feature proposals from @Kymeia, definitely agree with your ideas. Here all together:

    • Keybed (e.g. TP/400 Wood for S88, and for the others a synth keybed)
    • Poly Aftertouch
    • Improved lightguide
    • Mappable buttons/knobs/faders
    • Touchscreen
    • XY touch control (comparable to the one on Korg's nanoKey Studio)

    Also I agree with @chk071, I guess most of us is using the existing komplete kontrol keyboards to record something into the computer. So we have a computer anyway and it would increase the price of the keyboards drastically, same as happened to the maschine+.

  • Kymeia
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    I think one key thing is returning to having a dedicated and comprehensive controller editor app rather than it being tacked onto Komplete Kontrol and with a lot more options for user customisations of things like the light guide and splits and the ability to save and exchange them with the community. I don’t think NI gave user customisability enough consideration last time

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