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Sacco Naz
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Error message saying your "...Pro Plus is about to expire in 6 Native access..."

I open Native Access and it says 'Subscription Active'

No Issues...

But Traktor Keeps giving me that error message... so I reinstall Traktor form Native Access and error goes away... but all my playlists are missing...

This has happened for the past 3 months after my payment for the subscription...

Then I have to reload my Track Collection form a previous History which takes about 5 hours...

Is there anyone else having this issue?




  • LostInFoundation
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    That’s one of the reason why I don’t like subscriptions

  • Sacco Naz
    Sacco Naz Member Posts: 84 Helper


    I have to admit I don't love the idea either but that's where we are now

  • Nadav
    Nadav Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    The same thing has happened to me, for the past couple of months, random "Your Plus subscription has expired." messages.

    I've contacted support, but still no fix for this.

  • Sacco Naz
    Sacco Naz Member Posts: 84 Helper

    Did you have o reinstall Traktor from Native Access in order for the error to go away...

    But when I did that I lost all my playlists...

  • LostInFoundation
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    Why? It would be a long discussion… But to take it briefly:

    • You end up paying more in the long run
    • If you stop paying, you lose access (in Traktor “features” subscription only to the added functionalities, but in other cases also to the program itself and your projects)
    • Subscriptions don’t push companies in putting any effort at all in proposing something REALLY interesting for the next version to convince you to buy it (in any case you’ll have to pay them only to continue to use it, so why working hard on it and innovate?)
    • Having all programs being subscription will end up in a lot of things to pay monthly if you want to have different programs. No way to say “this month I have money to buy e.g. ProTools. In 5 months I spared enough to buy Studio One. Next year I can afford Ableton. So I can buy them all in due time and continue also using the ones bought before, even if the not updated versions”. If we have to pay monthly for: ProTools, Studio One, Ableton, Netflix, Prime Video, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Melodics, Loopcloud, Splice, the gas bill, electricity bill, and so on and so forth… we’ll end up soon HAVING to chose and unsubscribing from things we would like to use. Add, add, add…and people get into debts quite fast (ask Argentinians who started to pay with installments even for their socks…and they discovered later they bought too many socks… “hey…I just have to pay 10 cents now!” and find out they didn’t have enough money to pay for what they bought in the previous years…let alone eating…)

    So…yes, I’m against subscriptions. I want to own what I pay for and pay for what I can afford NOW.

    In this way I can also buy different things during the years (e.g. DAWs). And in this way compare them, find out which one fits better to me and eventually stick to it (and still having the chance to use the others I bought before). Something you can’t do by paying a monthly subscription for only one…ending up not knowing if “the grass is greener on the other side”.

    And subscriptions are where we are now cause WE ACCEPT IT, thinking it’s ok. (Ask Waves users that didn’t accepted it, raised their voices and after only 4 days had the company step back on their decision. Seems at least somebody still knows who holds the knife by the handle… ). If users don’t buy what companies want to force them to buy, companies will change their mind.

    Subscriptions are a very good model FOR COMPANIES (constant cash flow, users being forced to continue paying for not losing access,…), not FOR USERS…even if they want to make us think the opposite (“hey…you can have our 150 bucks program for only 15!” And after 10 months you already paid for it and start paying more… Or “Hey, with a subscription you’ll always have the brand new shiny version of the software” and we end up paying for functionalities maybe we are not even interested to cause they are weak, since they didn’t have any stimulation to make something interesting/innovative to convince us to buy it. We will not be choosing anymore if what they propose is useful for us or what we already have is enough/what we need).

    The only type of payment thought in user’s favor is Rent To Own: “You can have our 300 bucks for 15 a month. If you don’t like it, you can use it for a couple of month and then stop using it and stop paying us. BUT if you pay for 20 months and reach the program full price with your payment, it becomes yours and you can keep it”. But very few companies do it. Ask yourself why…

  • Demus
    Demus Member Posts: 114 Advisor

    The only type of payment that's in the user’s favor is rent to own. Much better than sub, plus package really has nothing good to really offer in the first place (My opinion). Infact the pattern player is not better than the now discontinued Breaktweaker from izotope that in itself is not better than the remix decks. Witch by the way is now broken since the implementation of pattern player. Ozone Maximizer. It's not bad but I get better result and have more control of my result from running my files through Platinum Note from Mixed in Key that uses IZotope software plugin. 😮

  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 1,994 Expert

    I invite you (and everybody else) to partecipate to the discussion I created starting from this post. Maybe writing down our idea on the subject (whatever it may be) we can show NI what their customers want:

  • Sacco Naz
    Sacco Naz Member Posts: 84 Helper

    Hey thanks for the long and thoughtful reply...

    I have to admit I was skeptical about the pattern player but now I love it... Especially the Ride and Hi-Hat...

    Keeping flow going during breaks and adding top end rhythm to tracks---and having full control of the pattern, pitch. and decay...

    As far as subscriptions... It sucks... but of all the people giving money to... I'm happy to give to Native instruments... Traktor is by far and away vastly superior to other DJ platforms... and I'd hate to see them discontinue the software...


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