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As usual, probably a simple fix but....

Ctd Member Posts: 8 Member

Hi All,

Apologies for the dumb BUT I'm just trying to make a knob for transient master where when I move left attack goes up and release goes down, when I move right, attack goes down and release does up.

Obviously for release this is easy as its just the normal way knobs work but trying to invert how attack responds won't work.

I'm sure its a simple fix. Anyone want to make me facepalm?



  • stephen24
    stephen24 Member Posts: 257 Advisor

    Haven't used transient master, and can't see any "release" controls in the panel, but since no-one else has answered:

    In general you can invert a modulator by clicking on Invert, or invert automation in the MIDI automation tab of the browser in the bottom window where it says From% and To% (reverse the values.)

  • corbo-billy
    corbo-billy Member Posts: 83 Helper

    I think our friend Ctd wants to talk about Sustain control instead of Release ?

  • Ctd
    Ctd Member Posts: 8 Member

    its ok I got it.

    everyone can stop stressing

  • corbo-billy
    corbo-billy Member Posts: 83 Helper

    Can we take advantage of it ?

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