Recording (not streaming) to OBS with S4MK3

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Trying to record a set into OBS, but I don't want to sacrifice deck D using the NI recommended method of connecting booth out into Deck D line....

I've heard of using virtual audio cables and also saw a video about using a USB audio adapter (3.5mm to USB) to try and get OBS to recognize the signal from the S4MK3. Has anyone tried any of these methods with OBS and do they work?


  • Uwe303
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    if you use not the ASIO driver you can do it like this guy at around 11 otherwise I would use a second audio interface with a line in and use that as input source in obs. Or you use a virtual audio cable with asio4all. Can describe it later in detail if you need it.

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    You don't sacrifice a deck, you sacrifice a line input.

    For example I have mine from booth out to line in D.

    I tried to go the software route and could not make it work. But you could try ASIO4all or VoiceMeeter Banana and see how well that works for you. (Windows, the official guide has tools for mac as well)

    If you want to use 3.5mm to USB, make sure it has a decent dac build in. Like buy a propper sound card.

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    I use the same setup for streaming and recording. I route the audio out of my S4Mk4 back into my Traktor laptop (also running OBS) via an iRig Stream. There may be more convenient software solutions but my setup works perfectly for audio. Just be warned that OBS screen recording on macOS can have slight timing delay; it used to be terrible but it's a lot better with very recent OBS releases.

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    Yes that's what I did. Connect the booth to line d.... cheers

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