Import your music and Collection to Traktor DJ 2?

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On the N.I. website for Traktor DJ 2:

it says:

"Tracks can be added to these playlists by dragging them from your music collection to the app or by importing from your TRAKTOR PRO 3 collection"

If I click the File menu in Traktor DJ 2, I get the option:

"Import Music Files

Import Music Folder"

Clicking the first one, I can access the .nml files for History and even Collection. The Traktor Settings.tsi is also clickable and can be opened, but I'm not sure it does anything? Same for the collection.nml? Histories at least seem to bring in some new music.

One could import their music folders from the second option, but I work with iTunes that in turn works with Traktor. I would like to have a simple way to import my Traktor playlists from Traktor Pro 3 to Traktor DJ 2, with all cue points etc. in place?

I understand that I can drag and drop files from either iTunes or Traktor Pro 3; what I am looking for is a way to import Playlists (from iTunes or Traktor Pro 3), or import the entire Traktor collection.

All resources seem to be grouped here:

These presentations are very 'visual', and well done, but in my opinion, at the very least, a Quick Start guide/pdf and complete manual would be invaluable. Normally, these are included with the product, but not so with Traktor DJ 2.

I understand that the product is very simple in its current iteration. But different people access info in different ways, and some of us actually prefer to read!

Also, the product has a lot of potential but seems to be abandoned? There's been no update or news in ages. I wouldn't want to direct students and future DJ's to a product that is going to be discontinued, so some news on that front would be greatly appreciated.

The way it integrates with the Traktor Kontrol S3 is fabulous. I wish there were more tutorials based on a desktop/laptop as they all seem to be iPad oriented?

Finally, if we could get this app for the iPhone it would make a supremely transportable backup.

Thanks in advance for your help, and for clarifying,




  • AntonA1
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    Hoping someone can help me with this?

    For what it's worth, the question I asked about iTunes playlist integration was asked at least 4 times by other posters on this Digital DJ Tips review and thread:



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Ryan_NI What's the best way to import Traktor Pro 3 playlist to Traktor DJ 2 iyo?

  • Karlos Santos
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    I'm a bit stuck on this one.

    Firstly, there has never been a way to directly import Traktor Pro playlists with Traktor DJ (1 or 2).

    The only way (as I know it) to import a Traktor 3 playlist into Traktor DJ2 is to export your playlist from Traktor 3 into iTunes and put it on the iPad. From Traktor DJ2 will see the playlist in the iTunes noe.

    However, I can only do this on Traktor DJ2 on iPad as there is an iTunes Node at the side of the the Browser.

    I don't have the iTunes Node at the side of the Browser on my Mac in Traktor DJ2 and I find that odd but I am using Monteray so I don't know if that's the issue.

    Sorry guys, I'm not much help here.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    It's not possible to import playlists created in iTunes to Traktor DJ directly, because you can only import Music folders, and not library data. So I think there's no way to directly import Traktor Pro playlists with Traktor DJ as Karlos said unfortunately. :( You will need to create new playlists in Traktor DJ 2.

  • AntonA1
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    @Karlos Santos, @Kaiwan_NI ,

    Thanks for getting back to me and thanks for confirming.

    Hopefully we'll hear from the Traktor DJ 2 developers eventually to get a sense of their roadmap :)

    Much Appreciated,


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