Problems whit native access 3.2.2 and ntkdaemon on macbook pro.

Tha Beatmaker
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Hello everyone, I have problems with the latest version of native access and ntk daemon, I use a macbook pro with 16gb of ram and m1 pro processor, I have maschine mk3 and komplete 13 ultimate collector´s edition, the kontakt and maschine libraries are on an external samsung ssd, yesterday March 03 I updated kontakt 7 player and massive x from native access, at the end of the update ntkdaemon also requested an update, I rebooted the mac after the update and now every time I lower the screen of my macbook the system shuts down and restarts itself, I solved it for now on this way:

I Start the system with the external ssd disconnected

Start native access and then close it

In the activity monitor I end the processes of NI Hardware agent, NIHostIntegration and NIdaemon

I connect the ssd and start maschine and kontakt 6 and 7, then close them with command+Q

I disconnect the external ssd and lower the screen

I wait 10-15 seconds and bring up the screen, the system reboots itself again but now the system will not reboot when you bring down the screen again and NIDaemon is not as active process.

If I start native access the problem returns, somebody have the same problem? Please NI, fix NIDaemon.


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