Sampling from S4 Mk 3

Ben Whetter
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Some time ago the question was asked about the Sampling function of the S4 Mk 3.

I was wondering if this is still on the roadmap, or will never get fixed. The thread does give an answer, however, I was wondering if this will be a native feature at some point?


  • Wyley
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    There's nothing to fix since nothing is broken about what the s4mk3 does with samples. Only the philosophy has changed from 'Sample creation to Sample playing' for the controller. If you want to do what you are asking then user mappings are available to do this or buy a F1 controller.

    Maybe in the future Ni could change things but The controller was made to work a certain way natively by design.

    Look here for a better explanation

  • Ben Whetter
    Ben Whetter Member Posts: 2 Member

    I have a F1, and it's fine, but sometimes I don't want to lug that about. If NI are reading this, then the fact you can't use the capture function is wilfully mean, and looks like you are more interested in flogging F1's than you are in making the best products you can.


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