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I would like to know if NI has changed any policy regarding the upgrades. Until this point they would not compensate for products which were purchased outside of KOMPLETE suite. I have purchased a few and now if I upgrade I would end up with at least 4-5 duplicates. Two years ago I asked NI if I can get some compensation for extra LIBs and they said NO, so I did not upgrade. At the time I have had only 2 libraries.

Now I have 3 more (so all together 5. Basically they shoot themselves in the foot by this stupid policy because that simply makes them loosing money.

I know I can sell the license and I tried but there was no replies to my posts, or I would have to sell ot perhaps for 10-20% of the original price I paid (which is to much of a loss).

IT is really very unfair, because some of those libraries I purchased directly from NI, and now thay want me to pay for it twice !

I wonder how you people deal with those situations ?



  • Kubrak
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    I do not buy separate plugins, just bundles. Is there any hurry? One may wait for next Komplete release. Or next but one.

    Saying that, I have K13U CE and many plugins from other developers.... So, many, many plucins and conntent....

    If I had duplicates, I sold them. If one buys, it is better to wait for Sale. Than one may sell for 25% and not loose that much...

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    I'm pretty much just the opposite. I have only purchased one small bundle when I first installed Kontakt and since then I only buy individual plugins. I'd rather own 50 plugins I know how to use and will likely use often than 500 with 450 I rarely, if ever, use.

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    I can’t say I’ve had any complaints. They do sales often enough you can either get a bundle or some sort of crossgrade potentially. The savings in the bundles is enough you just sell extra individuals.

    They even did an upgrade from Komplete Start once that I noticed and they literally give that away.

    I’ve found often that even if you just want 3-4 things from a vender it’s cheaper or about the same to buy bundles. Takes more for K Ultimate and UCE granted.

  • Kubrak
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    I'd rather own 50 plugins I know how to use and will likely use often than 500 with 450 I rarely, if ever, use.

    Right. But the thing is that if one buys bundle, it it way cheaper than to buy 50 individual plugins. One may use just those 50 from bundle and not use the rest.

    I managed by combination of secondhand purchase and upgrade get K13U CE for 500 EUR. For that price I could get just few plugins even thought buying in Sale....

  • blazej
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    I was thinking about upgrading Kontakt to version 7 but they ask $200. INSANE !

    I use KOMPLETE12-U and need to pay $400 for upgrade, or $600 to upgrade to most expensive edition.

    There are many libs and plugins i never use, but yes still buying Komplete seems to be cheaper. I am OK with this policy but I really hate being stuck with duplicates in KK.

    Selling at 25% discount is also not a best solution. I have Libs which cost $500-500. That is roughly $120 per lib. If I sell all 5 = around $600 loss. There is still no guarantee somebody would want it at 25% discount because many people wait to Black Fri and holliday sales where they could buy it cheaper.

    Bottom line is that this policy is sick and should be revised. I have contacted NI about this year ago and explained everything and I do not know if they have changed anything. I've sent them an email and waiting for an answer.

  • Kubrak
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    I guess, you have answered the question yourself.....

    Upgrade from Kontakt 6 to Kontakt 7 is 200 USD, Update to K14U 400 USD or 200 USD if you wait for Sale....

    Now, how much should be the discount of Update to K14U, if you have Kontakt 7 licence? 20 USD and you would loose duplicate K7 licence? Or what would be in your opinion fair discount?

    How much should be the discount if one has bought three plugins 150 USD each? Or four plugins...

    The thing is that bundles have very good price (and even better at Sale), while single plugins cost quite a bit...

  • Gee_Flat
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    Upgrade to Kontakt 7 is $99 US.

    I think you're referring to the current sale on the limited time release of the KFL 2, which is probably around $150 US, $199 CDN

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