I actually need to DOWNGRADE from Kontakt 6 to 5.8.1

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I have Komplete Ultimate editions 10 and 12 and I have an issue........I use a very old DAW (Nuendo 4.3 win) that works for me, but will not open Kontakt 6.....

I was quite happy with Kontakt 5.8.1.... unfortunately I had an issue and accidentally erased the .dll files...so now it can't be found.

  • I can install Kontakt 6, but Nuendo won't see it
  • if I attempt to install Kontakt 5, it will prompt me to register using the old service center, which seems not to work (It can't connect to internet, although My PC is connected to the internet)

So, what i actually need is a DOWNGRADE....but I have absolutely no idea how to do it...

Any ideas on how to solve this ?

Thanks !


  • EvilDragon
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    You should be able to see Kontakt 5 in Native Access available to download, or to repair in case you had it installed but have some files missing.

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    If Kontakt 5 does not show in NA, maybe you need to enter Licence Code for K10U to NA, first.

    In any way, it is for sure possible to have the both versions (5 and 6) of Kontakt in NA and installed on computer. The same applies to Guitar Rig and Reaktor.

    I have all three of those programs in the both major versions in NA and my computer.


    If Kontakt 5 does not show up in NA, you also may try to install Kontakt 5 (without Service Center, which does not work anymore) and run NA afterwards. It should authorise installation, if it is aware of the fact that you have the licence for Kontakt 5.

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