Hardware with Traktor software integrated

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who's with me? djs need hardware that already has the Traktor software integrated, and we don't need to carry computers. yes or no?



  • Kubrak
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    I am happy with computer-controller way of doing things. It gives me more freedom to prepare playlists and choose HW setup for given situation (minimalistic, small, big and huge HW setup).

    But I understand others may have different needs and workflows and would prefer controller with Traktor integrated.

    I use tablet like computer (MS Surface 7 Pro), which runs Traktor well, is passively cooled, has touchscreen, is lightweight... Goes well with any NI controller. For me better option to integrated thing...

  • Stevan
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    Both works but more on a laptop side :)

    A good laptop is more useful than a built in computer and a small screen.

    Also when hardware fails, it is easy to remap things.

  • Kayya
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    Integrated computers are not preferred much in the control class. Instead, the laptop is definitely very useful. The archive and the software are always with you.

     In 2023, suitable software will be released at the level of mobile phones and tablets, but it will not be professional. The important thing will be to handle the job professionally.

     Alternatively, I should give an example of the working model where you can manage your archive from your computer or phone, connect to the device with your profile wherever you go and transfer your playlist. This is on the Recordbox side.

  • djsubculture
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  • Mutis
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    If the standalone is modular... if not I prefer an Apple device.

  • Kubrak
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    It could be modular in the way one would "click in" iPad or MS Surface (or like). Would be sort of standalone and would allow just computer approach when desired....

  • Mutis
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    That’s alfeady possible kubrak.

    I was pointing modular as cpu upgradeable or different io boards to accomodate everyone needs. I did a long post at 3.9 traktor talking about old idea “the NI dashboard” based on Numark dashboard and also pointing my view about viability for such product. I’m most proned to use Apple devices as you know but as a concept design it should be possible. In fact I don’t build it myself because it will be expensive than just set an iPad setup with Djay pro but the option for die-hard x86 Traktor users is very straight forward IMO.

  • Mutis
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    edited April 2023

    I’m going to cut from there and paste here part of the message to keep on topic both threads.

    The conversation was around screen modders (background)

    So quoting myself….

    The only affordable (in coding terms for actual screen modders) path will be NI releasing something like M+ for Traktor and freezing the development a bit but it doesn’t seems the roadmap for Traktor at all and M+ doesn’t seems very future-proof ATM. Obviously I’m talking about something like my old forum suggestion of NI Numark dashboard counterpart with standalone capabilities.

    Dashboard | Numark


    Dashboard Official Serato DJ Accessory | Numark

    NI proposal could be A 2 screen device shaped like Numark dashboard but based on D2/S8 with embed cpu like M+, io for dvs, usb host ports for S-series controllers and external storage, few playlist management buttons (load a/b, encoder, shift…) but the main issue will be price and M+ sales cannibalization. About pricing M+ release price was 1.6k (1.3k street price) which was higher than mk3 and macbook air M1 combo at the moment Apple released it.

    What price will have such NI standalone dashboard? Could it compete against actual iPad set? You can get most of these features from Djay Pro app (including stems, dvs, Controller support, video…) today with full Apple Silicon support. Only remix decks and 4 decks are the most visible features but Djay Pro devs could focus on improvements/features since their app is native from day one. No windows support, ok… but since the problems with latest windows security issues and Dpc latency… it isn’t easier to get an iPad only for djing? Subscription model is a problem for you (traktor user)? Mmmm Traktor got a subscription model after NI neglecting it for years and got it in the weirdest shapeform possible (licence+advanced features).

    So… what are Traktor users waiting for? (In product terms).

    end quoting…

    Forget about anything related to iPad or not iPad etc. It was from the other topic but editing that will take me some time. Just get the idea and the opinion and let’s keep talking about it. You know what I think mate.

  • dj_estrela
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    Software is far easier to do than hardwate and it takes years already. There is just no enough developers there.

    Hardware proposals would be far more complex, so these would take decades (?)

  • dj_estrela
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    Laptop here.

    I just want controller support for pioneer devices with big jogwheels

  • Mutis
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    I’m agree that’s why I prefer Apple devices over standalone in brands with so much x86 dependency like NI. I will trust Pioneer or Denon in standalones since they have more background but not NI.

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