Is it still possible to download and install Reaktor 5?

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I'm asking for a friend who purchased Reaktor 5 and wants to re-install it but can't find a way to download and install it any more. Is it still available? I see it doesn't show up in Native Access.

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  • Kubrak
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    It should be possible to download and install Reaktor 5.

    Friend has to allow NA2 to show legacy SW. It may be set in NA2 settings. Or he may try NA1. (Service Center does not work anymore).

    Another aspect may be that NA2 and NA shows only plugins that may be installed on given OS. So, if friend uses OS version that is not compatible with Reaktor 5, plugin most probably will not show up.

    If this is the case, one might try to install it anyway. Not sure, if it would work on Mac, but on Win I have been able to install plugins that were not aimed for my Win version and did not show in NA. If that is the case, I may describe how one may try to do it.


    Updates to Reaktor 5 may be also downloaded here. One has to be signed into NI account. I am not sure if Update may be used if no version of Reaktor 5 is installed. Maybe yes, maybe not...

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    (Greg) killmaster is on Mac.

    On my Win 10 Pro R5 runs quite well.

    Greg, here you can switch (+) your OS and NI shows you what is possible to install.

    So, if your OS is higher than 10.14 R5 is impossible to install on your machine.

  • killmaster
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    Thank you for this info. Just now seeing this but much appreciated!

  • montesumolo
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    Found a solution for me on macos 10.15 Catalina. It is a transplant from a macos mojave 10.14 installation.

    1. You need an (external) HD with mojave installation
    2. You need a Komplete 9/10 or any other Legacy Original installer on HD from a prior purchase.
    3. You need the old/classic Native Access (white) - I used Native Access 1.14 (
    4. Download updates from Legacy Software page

    So If you are coming from Mojave, do not install any NI files on your fresh installed Catalina; Just transplant your files from Mojave, restart and start your "old" NI Access


    This worked for me! Hope I could help!

    !!! Now on Catalina I still have Native Access 1.14 and the download and install of other items such as Omnia Choir Library, downloaded much faster and succeeded to install instantly; After trying it for 3 days on an Intel machine and an M1 Max machine with the corresponding new Native Access 3.2. Versions !!!

  • Paule
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    If you own a serial number for KORE you can do the same similar with KORE Player?

    I just bring KORE Player with the help by Karm to Windows 10 Pro. It works fine with more than 9,000 KSD sounds. Yes in ages of times I bought KORE Electronic Experience.

  • bilko
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    It's irritating that it still works on OSX13 but there's no way to authorise it. I just want to open some old songs and see what .ens and patch is loaded in the vst slot I just downgraded NI access and managed to reauthorise Guitar Rig which seems to have the same interface for authorisation demo etc. why not reaktor?

  • Walter Cruz
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    I know that Reaktor 5 is legacy, but really, if still works, they should provide a way to authorize it.

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