kontakt will not save a button i made that is not linked to a parameter

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i made 7 buttons that will give a number when pressed. first button will give a number 1 and the secound will give the nuber 2...

i add that to the group that i trigger with the case, so the key press will have 7 options (7 groups)

case 35 {C#}

 allow_group(0 + $bd_back_TUNE)

every thing works great but kontakt will not save the button Pressed. it will reset the buttons when i close the daw or kontakt.

the linked parameters like volume pan mute is saved when i save the instrument and in the daw.

i can give one of the button "1" so it be selected first when i like to have preset,but i need it to be saved in the daw session .

what can i do to make it save ?



  • corbo-billy
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    Just add in the first callback: make_persistent($bd_back_TUNE)

  • uzilevi
    uzilevi Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Hi corbo-billy thanks a lot for the answer 😍

    Im new to this and i understand that this is the basic staff 🤷‍♀️

    i hope to remmber to do this to all the new FUTURE staff .

    thanks again Uzi.

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