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Eclectic Lily
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Hi guys,

I'm thinking of creating my own STEMS with MAschine MK3 and then exporting them as STEMS with Stem Creator.

I then would like to buy a couple of F1 to use live STEMS.

I saw there are 4 faders to select each of the 4 instruments, but the 16 PADS can be assigned to 5 STEMS track? Or can I assigned more pads to more tracks?

How does it work?

Thank you!!!



  • Fotis Leon
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    @Eclectic Lily hello there.

    Each 4 pads in vertically direction, is assigned on the fader on top.

    So, there are 4 channels with 4 pads each.

    Hope my English make sense. Cheers!

  • Stephen Bish
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    I'm playing around with similar concepts atm having just bought a used F1. Bought 'Kitmaker' a while back, having bought an MPC as I wanted to convert my Machine expansions. I was actually wondering if it would create 'Remix sets', given it is all based on a 4x4 grid. Given that most of my life experience is pre-computer it's all a bit hazy to me, but I was thinking of combining loops and one shots from various sources, Machine, sample packs, Loopcloud, Splice etc etc. Maybe best to stick to manual one slot at a time kit construction. Can't see how creating stems from Maschine should be a problem though. Good luck with it and the F1 is a whole lot of fun.

    I think you are getting confused re the 5 vs 4 thing. There are 4 seperate tracks. The 5th track is the combined 4 tracks. IE: The total mix. I assume that's so you can load it into a track deck. Using that, you could offload the remix track to a track deck, thus freeing up your remix deck (and F1) for the next remix.

    Also, while it would be nice to have 2 F1's, One alone is pretty useful as it's pretty quick and easy to reassign the deck to which it is assigned.

  • Wades
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    Hello @Eclectic Lily,

    I made a post about the stem creator, watch out if you are on PC the audio quality of your stem file won't go beyond 252kbps if you make it through Stem Creator:

    At this time I do not have any solution for you to propose unfortunately I'm still trying to find one.

    Hopefully it will help you!

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