Error loading instruments in Maschine Mk3

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Hey peoples,

Excuse me if this has already been covered and I've missed it -

Trying to load certain instruments in Mk3 - can use them in DAW but Maschine keeps coming up with an error when trying to load samples in - Scarbee, Battery, Gentleman all come up as options and can see the presets but can't open.

Anyone know what goes on here?

Thanks in advance


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    Not all Komplete instruments (and effects) can be used in Maschine, in order for that something needs to be so called NKS compliant; in other words: supporting the NKS standard. Thing is: some of the older stuff doesn't always fully support this.

    I can't verify 'Gentlemen' because I removed that because I already had a ton of piano samples within my Live packs, but I still use everything else and can confirm that Scarbee and Battery don't show up within my Maschine instrument list.

    In other words: the only way to use those within Maschine is to load Kontakt, then load up those instrument(s) and then set up any presets and such manually yourself:

    On the left you see an instrument list sorted by vendor, obviously NI is showing here. As you can see I have no 'Scarbee' entries. Ergo: this isn't natively supported by Maschine.

    So what I did here was use the "+" icon in the middle row (between the scene display and the group display): I loaded up Kontakt, then loaded up one of my Scarbee instruments and... see above.


    As for Battery (almost forgot) the same applies: try and load up the actual VST using the '+' icon, then set up the preset you want to use manually.

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    @OnPureInstinct Are you still struggling with this issue? Did what @ShelLuser proposed help? Can you share a screenshot of the error message you mention? What's your operating system?

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