Volume faders and cue headphones dysfunctiunning

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Hello all! I recently get a kontrol S2 MK3 everything was working well but since few days, my volume faders and my cue (phones) button meet problems : even if my faders are totally down, the sound goes out from my speakers and the pre listening button seems not to be connected with my headphones, I mean that if I press the button the sound will comes out louder from my speaker and not especially mean that I access to the prelistening. Also, there is crackle in my headphone wether it is a totally new one.

Hope I'm clear and hope you will help me with this big issue!


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    then your setup is messed up, open the options menu and on the bottom there is a wizard button, try to use this and take "internal mixing mode" if asked. Or check manually in the settings for that. Set main out to out 1-2 and monitor to 3-4, and internal mixing mode, like already mentioned. Even if one could think " i have a controller and I'm mixing externally with it" - but "internally" in this case just means that audio is mixed together by the traktor mixer on the computer.

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    Hello and thank you so much for your answer. Indeed, I checked everything and it wall only a question of wrong setup..

    However there is still the crackle problem in my headphone. Don't know why, it is working very well with my phone for example.

    Have a nice evening

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    Have you tried to increase the buffer size in audio settings, also if you use a laptop set it to full power mode, or at least try not to set it to power saving mode. There are also many articles about audio optimization with computers. Like: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/209571729-Windows-Tuning-Tips-for-Audio-Processing

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