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I like working with limitations and LIMELITE is perfect for the kind of music I am making these days. Despite the ensemble being absolutely great I would like to introduce a couple of improvements. Specifically: 2 sends for each instrument: one for the XFX module and one for the Delay. I would also like to have an extra knob to change the closed and open high hats independently. I am a complete noob with Reaktor, I gave it a few tries but eventually gave up.

Is anyone willing to provide some guidance or add the features above for a beer or two?


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    I think the most effort here would be reworking the GUI to make room for all those new knobs

    One way might be to look into engine macro, then mix macro, then copy some of this for each of the sends...

    So maybe simplest way - even if maybe not the most elegant - would be to duplicate a lot of this, but with new gain controls that will be your send controls, but re-use the existing pan controls, probably reuse the existing MultiPicture module (not sure what that does... I think its the on/off or something?) and of course re-using the existing instrument inputs... then your L and R outs from your duplicated mix modules are you left and right sends that you wire through and mix with the existing inputs to the FX macros...

    So something like this, but with all the instruments added:

    Not 100% sure that this will work, so just do it for one FX first to test it :)

    Then add send left and right outputs at the next level up:

    Then next level up, bring those into the FX macro:

    Then inside the FX macro, add the send lines to the main left and right signals at the XFX input... (you could take them into the XFX module individually, but its a mess of wires to re--attach n there :)

    But then you still have to work out what to do with those GUI controls, there will be two new knobs per instruments, so there's no room on the existing GUI:

    Good Luck!

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    Thank you for the detailed reply, I am afraid a lot of it is above my understanding of Reaktor. The send control could be just a little button (like the one used for the low cut on the kick) and the level of signal controlled by the fx mix knob. I wouldn't mind too much a busier GUI as long as I can enable the delay only for specific instruments.

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    What is it about the approach I explained in my first reply that you think is above you understanding of Reaktor? Just ask about any of the details that you are stuck with

    I really don't think it's particularly difficult. Maybe take another look - it's just a bunch of stuff connected with virtual cables. There's no DSP, or complex engineering in there. Really just like plugging together a few bits of hardware with cables.

    Using switches isn't going to make it easier to implement or to understand. Also, using switches would mean no ability to control the volume of individual instruments separately from their main gain control.

    You would still need those separate mix macros for the send feeds I showed in the second picture, but instead of creating a new level control and pan macro, just duplicating the level connection from the existing per instrument level ports (they are on those 'Log' modules), and also duplicating the instrument lines, but sticking a switch in their path. The rest of the explanation I gave would still be required, because you still need to mix the instruments for the send, and make the connections through to the FX where the send is applied.

    You also still need to find room on the GUI for switches - even if they are small, you need to have a label per switch to say what it is - I guarantee that if you don't, you will forget, and in a month or two all your hard work will just have made the instrument harder to understand ;) One option would be just to move them to the side, off the main GUI. It would be ugly, but then there is plenty of space, and everything can be labelled properly - for me it would be that or a GUI redesign!

    there's just about enough room if you don't mind is looking a bit janky :)

    The stuff in blue is the added modules an connection needed for a switch - there are better ways, but this is simple. Might need debugging... not sure, I haven't tried it. You will still need to follow the instructions in my first post to wire those send output through to the actual FX unit and add them in... except maybe the last one - I think you don't need to add them to the existing L and R, but instead replace those - so something like:

    That seems more in keeping with what I think you want?

    Just give it a bash - try one instrument to one send destination, the way I described. If it doesn't work, try to fix it, if it still doesn't, post the attempts and some questions.

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